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Sonic Emotion demonstrates 3D sound chip

by Scott Bicheno on 12 January 2010, 00:44

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You don’t do heavy metal in Dubly

Swiss startup Sonic Emotion was demonstrating products utilising its 3D sound chip at CES 2010, as it prepares itself to take on the likes of Bose and Dolby in the audio technology market.

The chip uses a technology called Wave Field Synthesis, which Sonic Emotion claims offers a full, 3D surround sound type of experience through stereo speakers that surpasses even a 5.1 speaker experience.

We had a listen to the Coby Sound Bar below and have to concede that there were some impressive directional sound effects, considering they came from a single, stereo unit, with Pink Floyd's Money coming over especially well.

Coby is a market leading white label audio OEM in the US and will be launching the Sound Bar soon. Additionally, Sonic Emotion also works with Scott in Europe, with devices already available.



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Umm, I wonder if it's much different to, say, Yamaha soundbars.
Media Player Classic (Home Cinema) has options for Top Front Left (etc) - would sure like to know what would happen if I clicked “enable”.

Wonder if anyone has a 26 (27 or 3 cubed minus one, for non-existant “middle” speaker) satelite setup, either available or in the works? That would be something - although the one sub might not be enough!
I thought the whole point of WFS was that you had a large number of speakers close together in order to synthesise a wave field. I guess this must do some internal simulation of WFS and then decode it back to stereo, sounds just like another stereo ‘enhancer’ to me though, will probably make things sound unnatural and phasey.