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Toshiba announces Regza ZF LCD series, with built-in upscaler

by Parm Mann on 28 August 2008, 15:54

Tags: LCD Tvs, Toshiba (TYO:6502)

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Long live standard definition

LCD enthusiasts have waited a while for Toshiba's Cell-powered LCDs and the Japan-based manufacturer delivered today at IFA.

Toshiba's new range, branded as the Regza ZF series, features its co-developed Cell processor and Resolution+ technology. The result is an LCD screen that allows your standard-definition material to be upscaled and displayed at "near-HD quality" - similar, then, to its XDE DVD player.

The Regza ZF, pictured above, will be available in 40in (40ZF575D) and 46in (46ZF575D) models. Both sets offer a 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 1920x1080 full-HD resolution, and Active Vision 100Hz processing. Connectivity will come in the form of four HDMI sockets, component, RGB and PC inputs.

Toshiba cites the current lack of free-to-air high-definition content as the primary purpose of its Regza ZF sets, and it should prove to be popular among users who've been left disappointed with the standard-definition quality of other high-end LCDs.

Sadly, pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed .

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So what do other 1080p tvs do?

Display a picture with black borders, it cant be the 1st 1080p tv scaler if other 1080p tvs are scaling pictures.

It is stretching the truth a lot calling it the first 1080p scaler, although it does seem like they have made a very good one. I wonder how it compares to the Panasonic and Pioneer plasma ones.
it doesn't just stretch the picture it predicts what the image would look like by compensating motion and sharpening the colours etc.

Its a very intelligent solution and not just a load of technology being thrown at a product for no reason, i feel this would be a great idea for UK buyers at the moment as the quality of freeview television is abismal as it is without it being streched to 1080 lines.
Can we have more details about the Cell processor used? Wonder how much it adds to the overall cost…