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Toshiba reignites the Blu-ray battle with XDE

by Parm Mann on 18 August 2008, 14:00

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Having bid farewell to its HD DVD format earlier this year, Toshiba has been toying with various other Blu-ray beating technologies and has officially settled on eXtended Detail Enhancement.

eXtended Detail Enhancement, or XDE, is the latest upconverting technology from Toshiba and promises to "bring standard DVD quality closer to the HD experiences".

The technology made its debut today in Toshiba's $150 XD-E500 DVD player. The device, pictured below, takes your regular DVD and outputs an image at up to 1080p and 24 frames per second. In addition to the upconversion, the XD-E500 offers three user-selectable customisation settings; Sharp, Colour and Contrast. The modes are said to further enhance image quality, and provide a clearer viewing experience.

Despite the next-gen victory of Sony's Blu-ray format, strong DVD sales have highlighted the existing format as the preferred consumer choice. Though Toshiba is banking on continued DVD success, consumers may require convincing if they're to opt for the $150 XDE upgrade.

Louis Masses, director of product planning at Toshiba, said:

Consumers have embraced the DVD format like no other technology and invested in large libraries of their favourite movies. As the market moves toward high definition, XDE lets them experience their existing DVD library and the tens of thousands of DVD titles in a whole new way. XDE offers consumers a simple solution to add on to their HDTV purchase. XDE works with existing DVDs to deliver a near HD experience with enhanced detail and richer colours. Toshiba is delivering to consumers what they want - a high quality experience at an affordable price.

The XD-E500, of course, won't deliver true HD quality. However, those with an existing substantial DVD collection may welcome the upconversion on offer.

Official product page:

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So this is different to any other currently made upscaling DVD player how?
Useless IMO.

You cannot add back detail that isn't there. Most hardcore AV fanatics will also tell you that if you buy a decent screen (Pioneer, Panasonic etc) you will have to spend a LOT of money on a player that's scaling is better then the screens.

So a $150 player? Marketing gimmick IMO
I don't think this will work. The reason people buy into DVD is because its cheaper and this player is the opposite of that. People willing to spend this much on a DVD player may as well go for Blu-ray. Blu-ray has dropped in price so much and will continue to fall until it reaches DVD prices. I think Toshiba are attempting to reapir a market with an inevitable death.
I think its quite a good idea. I can't be bothered to rebuy all my DVD's in BR so this might a good middle ground. :)
I don't get this at all. It's just another upscaling chipset. Toshiba are just playing on the fact they did HD-DVD to make it as if it's better than anything else…..which it blatently won't be.

Upscaling depends on accurate deinterlacing, get something like an Oppo 983 for that :)