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Amazon steps up and says no to DRM

by Parm Mann on 11 January 2008, 11:40

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DRM haters love Amazon

By announcing the addition of DRM-free downloads from Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Amazon's MP3 store will soon become the first online store to offer DRM-free music from all four major studios.

Sony's music catalogue is expected to be available and DRM-free from Amazon MP3 later this month, allowing users of the service to play their purchased music on virtually any device. With all four major studios and 33,000 independent labels on board, DRM looks set for extinction, in the audio scene at least.

"We are excited to offer Amazon MP3 customers DRM-free MP3s from SONY BMG, which represents many of the most popular musicians from the past and present," said Bill Carr, Vice President for Digital Music.

The Amazon MP3 service is currently only available to US customers.

Official press release: Amazon MP3 to Add DRM-Free Downloads from SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Another small step towards freedom from the DRM infestation.