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Black Shark flash sale: Get £50 off the Black Shark 2 Shadow Black

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London, July 9, 2019 - Black Shark, the cutting-edge gaming technology company  offers a time-limited discount on the Black Shark 2 Shadow Black 8+ 128GB from 10 to 12:00 AM CET, tomorrow Wednesday the 10th of July.

For only two hours, the best portable gaming station will be available for £429 instead of £479 on the Black Shark official website.

Launched in March 2019, The Black Shark 2 is powered by the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and is equipped with the first and only direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system in the world.

By combining unrivalled gaming performance and unmatched innovations, such as the world’s lowest latency screen touch, the first DSP used on a smartphone, and the Shark Space mode that clears up all the memory in the background for an ultimate efficiency, this device achieves the most immersive gaming experience.

Gaming Performance, Control, Vision, Hearing and Vibration are five leading aspects that make Black Shark 2 the best mobile gaming device.

About Black Shark

Established in 2017, Black Shark is a gaming technology company comprised of seasoned hardware engineers, developers, designers, esports enthusiasts, and gamers. Catering to hardcore and casual players alike, we strive to enhance the mobile gaming experience and energize the gaming community by supporting esports, online gamers, and streamers. The perfect gaming phone isn’t just about powerful hardware - it’s also about cutting-edge innovation, refined build and design, polished software, and gamer-centric content and service.