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QDOS adds iPhone XS Max and XR to OptiGuard™ Infinity Glass range

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London, 28 November 2018, QDOS, a leader in screen and smartphone protection, today has announced availability for its Infinity Glass case for the iPhone XS Max and XR following its launch last month for the iPhone XS and X. 

The Infinity Glass is an innovative, crystal clear, tempered glass case that has been designed to provide all-around, invisible protection to the flagship iPhone X range.  

The Infinity Glass case marries premium Asahi glass panels with aluminium alloy frames using breakthrough magnetic adsorption technology to create the world’s first seamless all-around glass case that goes on in seconds, providing both front and back protection.  

With this latest launch and following eight years of success with its OptiGuard™ range, QDOS continues to build on its heritage in market leading screen protection by developing an all-around glass case without using glue, so no application is needed. The patent pending Infinity Glass case offers infinite protection in an almost invisible fashion.

For the very first time users can now rely on just one accessory to safeguard the entire iPhone with a glass case that not only locks in the protection but also unlocks the beauty of the iPhone XS/X, XS Max and XR.

The Infinity Glass case isn’t just for protecting screens, it also enhances use of the iPhone X handsets. The 9H scratch and impact resistant glass is treated with an oleophobic coating that repels unwanted fingerprints and oily residue whilst continuing to provide a super-responsive, touch sensitive performance.  The naturally slimline form enables users to experience the feel of the iPhone in its naked state, whilst knowing it’s fully protected and benefits from being wireless charging compatible. 

OptiGuard™ Infinity Glass for iPhone XS Max/XR is available to pre-order now from for £49.99, with shipping commencing the 3rd December. 

About QDOS:

QDOS is a UK based mobile and tech products brand, founded in 2006, focused on delivering the needs of the consumer by creating dynamic, market-leading solutions. Originally providing Bluetooth speakers, the product range quickly expanded to include power solutions and cases and QDOS is today industry recognised for its ground-breaking glass screen protection, OptiGuard™.

QDOS utilises the best of global talent with its products designed either in London, Paris or Hong Kong, and boasts connections across five continents, maintaining an emphasis on quality solutions with both the channel and consumer in mind.