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Zignum @ CES 2013 - Accessory manufacturer presents latest product portfolio

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Hannover, 21. December 2012: Zignum, dedicated to providing high-quality accessories for digital living, will bring their latest product to the coming CES in Las Vegas, USA, through Jan. 8th to 11th on booth in LVCC in hall 4 upper Level, 35355. During the four-day show Zignum presents their flamboyant designed products, ranging from accessories for mobile, tablet, ultrabook and notebook etc.


It is a series of accessories for your iPad when you want to free your hands and minds. With versatile mounting brackets and supports, you can use your iPad on bed, in the sofa, in the kitchen and in the back seat of your car.


Using an AC adapter to charge the battery fast, ZigPower can be your companion on the go. With large current output, ZigPower can charge iPhone to full capacity within 1.5 hours. And the detachable design of the battery can lighten your load.

Bamboo Notebook Cooler

Zignum adopts the eco-friendly bamboo material to make a high-performance notebook cooler. And there will be more products of this kind to come in 2013.

Docking Station for Ultrabook

We know ultrabook is only with very few output ports due to the limitation of its ultra-thin and light-weight design, so Zignum introduces this docking station with many output ports, such as VGA, HDMI, Internet, USB 3.0 ports etc.


M-Desk is not just a monitor stand, but a great companion for when you work, study and play.  The M-Desk can raise the height of your LCD/LED monitor by 8cm or 12cm, providing you the most ergonomic viewing angles. The M-Desk also serves as a desk organiser; with spacious room underneath you can store your small gadgets and stationeries away, keeping your workspace tidy.

Visit Zignum @ CES 2013:

LVCC, South Hall 4 upper Level, 35355

For more product information, please visit: www.zignum.net.


Zignum offers high quality accessories for digital lifestyle. At home or mobile - Zignum brings design into the sad accessory world. Zignum focusses on extraordinary materials like cork or bambus or special designs - the outstanding makes the difference.The portfolio enfolded innovative and eco-friendly cork covers for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, notebook coolers but also high-end cables and classical wall mounts for e.g. LED displays. In this connection functionality is combined with timeless design.