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CeBIT organizes bus shuttles to Hannover for international visitors

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Hannover. In response to the labor strike announced by the German Train Drivers Union (GDL), Deutsche Messe AG has organized bus service from several cities in Germany to CeBIT in Hannover. "Above all, our international guests, some of whom have long flights behind them, will be affected by the warning strike. As an alternative, we will offer them bus shuttles to Hannover from Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hamburg," said Ernst Raue, Member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe AG, on Thursday in Hannover. "We want to minimize the barriers to business travelers from abroad. They spend a lot of money to travel to CeBIT."

Raue regrets that the train drivers calculated their strike for during CeBIT.  "I have asked the GDL in a personal letter to consider during their ongoing deliberations the negative impact of a strike on Germany’s image as a trade fair destination. Overseas visitors to CeBIT will have little understanding that – after long flights from Asia or America - they are stranded in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or Hamburg because the trains are not running."

CeBIT visitors in the cities affected by the strikes will be informed of the bus shuttles by announcements at the airports. To use the shuttles, CeBIT visitors must simply show their entrance ticket or their registration.

Actual departure times and locations, and other regularly updated information for the journey to CeBIT in Hannover, can be found online at www.cebit.de or www.cebit.com.