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ChatSim Unlimited is here! WhatsApp, Messenger and other IM Apps without limits and roaming costs

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The performance of the SIM card created by Manuel Zanella to chat with all Instant Messaging Apps - even without Wi-Fi - reaches its peak, becoming unlimited when sending text messages and emoji. Anywhere in the world.

Milan (Italy), 3 December 2015 - Are you stressed out by roaming when you are traveling? ChatSim is the solution to your roaming problems thanks to ChatSim Unlimited, the most performing and advanced ChatSim, the world’s first SIM card that lets you chat free of charge and without limits—even without Wi-Fi—with Instant Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook and many other apps available for smartphone and tablet devices).

Almost a year after its launch (January 21, 2015) ChatSim - the world’s first "Instant Messaging Mobile Operator" - is now unlimited for exchanging text messages and emoji all over the world and becomes ChatSim Unlimited: top performance all in the same SIM card.

Manuel Zanella (39 years old), CEO of ChatSim and founder and CEO of Zeromobile, Italy’s first Global Mobile Operator for low-cost roaming( explains, "I wanted to make this sophisticated SIM card designed for chat apps even more advanced. I have finally accomplished my mission: eliminating roaming costs for people traveling abroad for business or pleasure. Roaming has always been a problem for all travelers, but nowChatSim Unlimited has come to the rescue eliminating the roaming problem at its roots," says Zanella. "ChatSim Unlimited now lets you chat free of charge and without limits anywhere in the world because this innovative SIM card not only blocks out unwanted and unintentional traffic when you are abroad, but it even lets you exchange text messages and emoji in all countries covered without any restraint or limitation. Our offer is unique",explains proudly ChatSim’s inventor.

After almost twelve months of continuous development that saw first the launch of ChatSim, followed by ChatSim Plus and ChatSim WorldChatSim now becomes "Unlimited", providing users unlimited service with no strings attached!

Zanella points out, "It is an extraordinary achievement made possible by the feedback from our users and by the millions of text messages and emoji exchanged in these months that made us realize how much traffic is generated in the world, with which apps and for what types of content. For instance, we realized that 90% of our customers use WhatsApp and Messenger and that more than 1 out of every 2 users uses their ChatSim even for multimedia content such as photos and videos and not just for text messages and emoji. These data are essential for improving roaming deals with our partners (more than 400 operators in over 150 countries) and decisive for making our service absolutely unlimited," concludes Manuel Zanella.

Features of ChatSim Unlimited:

  • Unlimited text messages and emoji anywhere in the world.
  • No roaming costs.

Thanks to ChatSim, you can chat for free and with no limits at all, exchanging text messages and emoji for a year with just €10.

ChatSim can be purchased online at and is delivered all over the world.

All information on ChatSim can be found at