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GT Telecom unveils its highly anticipated premium Bluetooth headset at CES 2015

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Gumi, South Korea, December 31, 2014 - GT Telecom Co., Ltd., a Korea-based leader in audio and mobile technology, today announced that Bluetooth headset GBH-S700/S710, the latest in its long line of high performance headsets, will be showcased at 2015 International CES.

Sound quality is much more important than ever when it comes to saying about headsets.

GBH-S700/S710 is designed to deliver the seamless and original sound, and differentiated features of external speaker, MP3 player via micro SD slot.

Compared to most Bluetooth headsets which leave much to be desired in terms of sound quality,

GBH-S700/S710, a retractable type of neckband Bluetooth headsets, is a more premium Bluetooth headset that delivers best-in-class audio with sophisticated design that integrates the optimal technologies into hardware and software.

In addition to its premium Hi-Fi sound, GBH-S700/S710's key features include as following:

1. Premium Sound competing famous high end wired earphones worthy of more than US$1,000

2. Seamless sound tuned by MSTS technology of GT Telecom's special tuning technology and apt-X codec

3. Retractable type of earphones for convenient use & Neckband design

4. Built-in external speaker

5. Built-in MP3 player via micro SD slot

6. 5 EQ that the users can enjoy different tunes of high end earphones

7. TPE material for 100% harmless to human body

8. Anti phone loss prevention mode

9. TTS for caller's ID & message

10. MobiHealth (pedometer )

A full list of key features of the GBH-S700/S710 is available on the company's website.

Designed for anyone and even professionals, GBH-S700/S710 has been proven as the best-performing headset in terms of its sound quality.

A recent blind test on sound quality of headsets conducted in Seoul on Dec. 11, 2014 shows that 76% of participants selected MobiFren GBH-S700/S710 as the best headset with all that best-in-class audio quality, saying it similar or better than well-known wired earphones such as Westone W60 or AKG K3003. 

"It demonstrates that a Bluetooth earphone at US$170 can be on a par with expensive high-end wired earphones at over US$1,000," said personnel from the company.

GBH-S700/S710 will be on display in booth #27012, South Hall at CES 2015, Jan 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas.

About GT Telecom

GT Telecom is one of the biggest and professional manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car kits in Korea and develops SAMSUNG mobile phones. Through its over 10 years of creative experiences in developing and manufacturing Bluetooth products, GT Telecom is able to provide truly cutting-edge audio products including Bluetooth headsets especially based on its stereo tuning technology including MSTS to ensure premium sound level of Bluetooth headsets for people and even professionals passionate about music performance.

With long years of experience for SAMSUNG to develop smartphones, GT Telecom offers a complete and wide range of design and production of mobile audio products that fit into customer's demand and budget.