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Barablu launches world’s first free mobile-to-mobile VoiP-powered call-service

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Barablu Launches Free Calls From GSM Mobile to GSM Mobile (Wi-Fi enabled Service)

Nokia 9500 & i-mate Smartphone Announced as First Compatible Phones

Barcelona, 16 February 2006: Barablu, the free calls community, today launched the world’s first free mobile-to-mobile calls between users and reduced-rate calls to friends outside of the Barablu network. The package runs on this year’s technology hit, VoIP over Wireless LAN, and is available to anybody with a compatible GSM mobile phone (Wi-Fi enabled). At this stage this includes the Nokia 9500 (Symbian Series 80) and i-mate SP5 SP5m (Window Mobile for Smartphone 5.0).

Barablu already offers consumers user-friendly advanced VoIP services with rates that are competitive to Skype. Now, the company believes it can attract greater traffic to its network by offering free mobile-to-mobile calls before any of its competitors and free chat, a unique PC-to-mobile instant messaging service. It also plans to drive growth by strategically linking with additional Wi-Fi network providers, manufacturers, mobile operators and PC and IP phone* manufacturers to offer more choice, therefore appealing to the widest audience.
* IP phones are an alternative to mobiles phones and utilise SIM cards to access the GSM network. IP telephony enables data and video to be routed via a single cable over a LAN, WAN or Internet Voice over IP.

Barablu MD, Baskaran Allirajah, says, “There are currently millions of people globally who are benefiting from free PC-to-PC calls via VoIP. Barablu is the first company to push this technology out into the mobile arena by offering free mobile-to-mobile calls, utilising VoIP, via a Wi-FI standard. ”

Getting Started
Download the dialler from onto your mobile and register your username and password to start making calls. Add all your usual contacts using the ‘Search Contacts’ function and call them on their PC, mobile or IP phone. If they are on another call or are not online you can leave a voice mail, which is also free if leaving a message for another Barablu user. Receiving incoming calls is equally easy; an alert box will appear on your mobile screen, simply click ‘Yes’ to pick up the call and ‘No’ to reject.

Barablu Chat
With Barablu Chat you can chat in real-time with any other Barablu user, whether via PC or mobile phone. It’s Instant Messaging direct to your phone.

Making and Receiving Mobile to Mobile Calls Outside of the Barablu Network
Barablu users can make reduced-rate calls to friends outside of the community through Barablu World. To sign up to Barablu is free and you can start making calls from as little as £10. Barablu World gives you rates as low as 0.01p a minute, to the UK, US and many parts of Europe. To receive calls you need to set up MyNumber - a local number that you can be contacted on. You pay only £1.33 a month to start receiving calls for free.

About VoIP
VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over the internet using packet-linked routes. It is also called IP telephony. VoIP is quite simply a way of utilising the internet for telephone conversations. The primary motivations for doing so are cost and convenience as VoIP is significantly less expensive than typical telephone long distance packages. VoIP also offers the advantage of allowing one high speed internet connection to serve multiple phone lines. You can use VoIP to make and receive calls using your ethernet broadband Internet connection. The sound quality of calls is just as high as a call made from an ordinary phone.

About Barablu
Established in 2005, Barablu resides in London, UK. It was the first company to offer free mobile to mobile (Wi-Fi enabled) calls using VoIP technology over Wireless LAN and also offers free calls from IP phones and PCs along with instant messaging on mobiles and PCs. For further information please go to

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