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Cambridge Audio CX series brings Hi-fi into the modern digital age

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All new hi-fi and home theatre range set to debut at CES 2015

Cambridge CX Series

From £300 to £2,000 / $500 to $2,500


Cambridge Audio's totally new CX series is set to revolutionise entertainment in the digital age. The CX series is a range of high-performance hi-fi and home theatre components offering a unique combination of class-leading sound, advanced networking capabilities, large colour displays and exceptional build quality and design.

The CX series comprises six new products: CXN network music player, the CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, the CXC dedicated CD transport and the CXR120 and CXR200 AV receivers. 

The range is the result of Cambridge Audio's long tradition of hi-fi excellence and culmination of over 40 years digital expertise, to deliver precise detailed playback of all your digital music.

Designed to fit modern life beautifully and simply, while at the same time delivering class-leading audio performance, CX enjoys a unique ‘floating' aesthetic and uniquely bevelled base, each component encompassing a low-resonance chassis to enhance sonic performance.

CXN Upsampling Network Music Player

Thanks to core technology from the multi-award winning StreamMagic, the CXN can play virtually any music from your digital library or online streaming services in outstanding quality - up to 24 bit/192kHz - all controlled via the simple interface on the superb 4.3" (11cm) colour screen or via new Cambridge Connect smartphone and tablet apps for Apple and Android.

Connected either wired or wirelessly via UPnP over a home network, the CXN will effortlessly stream music from computers, laptops and NAS drives. Additionally two USB inputs allow direct playback from USB HDDs including memory sticks. The CXN also offers TOSLINK optical, S/PDIF coaxial and asynchronous USB audio inputs. Asynchronous USB audio allows playback of 24-bit/192kHz files direct from a connected computer or laptop, with the CXN effectively acting as a high-quality external sound card.

The CXN also features Apple Airplay and support for an optional BT100 aptX Bluetooth receiver for instant and effortless streaming from any smartphone or tablet.

RCA and balanced XLR analogue outputs, as well as optical and coaxial digital outputs, allow connection to a wide range of modern hi-fi components such as the CXA60 or CXA80 amplifiers.

Capable of handling all popular codecs including WMA, MP3, AAC HE AAC, AAC+ and Ogg Vorbis and lossless 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF files, the CXN can play any file from your digital music library. There is also in-built support for leading streaming services Spotify Connect, Pandora, Rhapsody, BBC iPlayer Radio, and of course Internet Radio. Spotify and your favourite music services never sounded so good!

No matter the source, the CXN's ATF2 (2nd generation Adaptive Time Filtering) audio upsampling system intelligently upsamples all audio inputs to 24-bit/384kHz to dramatically reduce digital jitter. Furthermore, two high-quality Wolfson WM8740 DACs ensure the very best digital to analogue conversion.

Not just a digital music streamer, but a hi-end digital pre-amp too, the CXN doubles up as a high performance digital pre-amplifier using a powerful 32-bit Blackfin DSP to control volume in the digital domain, ensuring the signal remains fully intact for the best possible performance. 

CXA60 and CXA80 Integrated Amplifiers

Combining audiophile grade components and comprehensive digital connectivity, the two CXA integrated stereo amplifiers are as comfortable with today's digital sources as they are with traditional analogue ones.

A radically new amplifier design, high grade components and versatile connectivity coupled with extensive performance testing and listening by the in-house engineering team at Cambridge Audio ensure that the CXA models deliver significantly more than you expect at this price level.


The CXA80 features an oversized low-flux toroidal transformer with completely independent dual mono windings, fully symmetrical dual mono Class A/B amplification circuits delivering 80W RMS into 8 Ohms (rising to 120W RMS into 4 Ohms) with stunning clarity and zero cross-channel noise.

With TOSLINK optical and coaxial digital inputs, and the option to add aptX Bluetooth streaming, the CXA80 is designed for the modern digital age. An asynchronous USB audio input further enhances the digital capabilities of the CXA80 to allow streaming of 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files directly from your PC or MAC, free from unwanted noise, jitter and distortion.

Finally, key to digital performance is the implementation of a high-quality Wolfson WM8740 DAC, as used in Cambridge Audio's award-winning DacMagic, to handle digital-to-analogue conversion with stunning accuracy. 


The CXA60 delivers much as the CXA80, with the same highly-efficient fully symmetrical Class A/B amplifier topology combined with a single winding low-flux toroidal transformer, delivering 60W RMS into 8 Ohms - 90W RMS into 4 Ohms.

Apart from the USB audio input and balanced XLR input, all digital connections and digital to analogue conversion are identical to the CXA80.

CXC CD Transport

Designed specifically for the new CX series, CXC delivers stunning CD playback and works in perfect harmony with the new CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers as well as dedicated hi-end DACs. 

At the heart of the CXC is Cambridge Audio's legendary ‘S3' servo which dynamically adjusts focusing, tracking and output level of the laser in real-time. Designed for efficient recovery of CD digital data with state of the art error correction, it plays audio CDs more accurately and with better timing than any multi-disc player possibly can.

With no digital to analogue conversion in the CXC, the CXC passes a purely digital signal to an amplifier or dedicated DAC, avoiding deterioration of an analogue audio signal. When used in conjunction with CX series amplifiers, the crucial digital to analogue conversion stage is performed by the high quality Wolfson digital to analogue conversion in the CX amplifier. 

CXR AV Receivers

The new CXR models are network-enabled AVRs with both power and flexibility - designed for the modern digital age.

The CXR120 and CXR200 have been created for audiophiles seeking a powerful, immersive home cinema experience. Using a highly efficient "sound first" class A/B amplifier design carefully crafted by Cambridge engineers, coupled with an oversize toroidal transformer, each CXR model delivers sensational 7.2 surround sound and a captivating, highly detailed stereo musical performance.

Complementing the superb audio output, the CXR models' visual performance is second to none. With HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 4K and 3D compatibility, upscaling of all 1080p signals to 4K ultra high definition and deep colour support ensures the CXR models deliver beautifully crisp and detailed images.

In addition to extensive HDMI, digital and analogue inputs for music and movies, both CXR models also feature the same state-of-the-art Cambridge Audio StreamMagic music streaming module found at the heart of the CXN network music player. This is connected over a wired or wireless home network to music stored on computers, servers and NAS drives and designed to play all popular digital music formats up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality FLAC, Apple Lossless and WAV. Playback from USB hard drives is also supported, as is streaming from Spotify Connect, Pandora and other music services. A rich radio experience is also offered with on board internet radio as well as FM/AM. 

There is also support for DSD, allowing playback of SACDs from a Blu-ray player and an MHL Link for direct HD input from smartphones. Asynchronous USB audio input and optional aptX Bluetooth connectivity further add to the digital capabilities.

Set-up and configuration is easy with an intuitive colour on-screen display and auto speaker set up, The units are also a breeze to use with the new Cambridge Connect apps for both Apple and Android devices.

CXR receivers are install-friendly, with RS232, IR inputs/outputs and trigger outputs, ideal for custom install applications.

This versatile AV receiver range is perfect for those looking for a powerful, stylish and well-connected solution at the heart of both a hi-end home cinema and hi-fi system.


With 120W per channel, the CXR120 is one of the most powerful in its class whilst also retaining the musicality for which Cambridge Audio AV receivers are so highly renowned. 7 x HDMI 2.0 inputs and 2 x HDMI 2.0 outputs for dual screen functionality make the CXR120 perfect for those with a TV and projector setup.


The CXR200 offers incredible power, dynamics and poise with its 200W per channel of highly optimised discrete amplification. It is currently the pinnacle of what Cambridge Audio believes possible with an AV receiver in terms of movie and musical enjoyment. There are 8 x HDMI 2.0 inputs and 2 x HDMI 2.0 outputs with complete zone 2 control to send a selectable high quality video source into another room with a matched audio signal. 

The passion driving CX development

As an established British hi-fi brand, Cambridge Audio comprises a passionate and skilled team of in-house engineers with decades of experience brought together to develop the CX range. After many years of development, drive and countless late nights to deliver the most thrilling performance possible in this price class, the Cambridge team believes it has a range of products that not only embrace its sound-first philosophy but also meet the demands of the digital world and fit perfectly in any modern home.

Launching at CES 2015

The all new Cambridge CX Series will debut at CES in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel, suite 30 -216  6th-9th January 2015.

The range will go on-sale from the end of Q1 of 2015.

About Cambridge Audio.


Cambridge Audio has a rich history of developing innovative products designed to extract and deliver every last drop of detail from your favourite music and movies.

Every product in our range is created at our UK-based R&D centre by a team of passionate and committed engineers with a vast array of live music and sound production experience.

Fuelled by their passion for music and movies, and the passion for music and movies in consumers, Cambridge products deliver the most captivating entertainment experience for the very best value possible.

We actively encourage press reviews of all our products and we're proud that Cambridge products are consistently recognised for their performance, innovation and value.