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SPzero: Antec Mobile Products Presents New Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

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The small mobile companion completes today's mobile lifestyle

Fremont, California - January 20, 2014 - Antec Mobile Products (AMP), a global consumer electronics company and division of leading hardware manufacturer Antec Inc., announced today an addition to their audio line: the SPzero portable Bluetooth speaker for mobile lifestyles. This extension of the AMP line means premium audio is now available in an even smaller, more portable form. The speaker SPzero is now available from 44,99€ (suggested retail price including VAT).

Unleash your music

SPzero is an ideal speaker for demanding musicians and audiophiles. The SPzero pairs with any smartphone, laptop, or media player to create an audio experience that can be shared no matter where you are.  Moreover, with a water-resistance rating of IPX4, the SPzero is protected against water damage from use both indoors and outdoors .


SPzero is about the size of a really thick wallet (86 mm x 57 mm x 94 mm). It's compact design mean it can easily packed, hung, or even worn.. It is powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery and can be used for up to 8 hours without recharging.

Small size. Big Sound.

With it's integrated dBs1TM high-response driver technology , SPzero delivers powerful bass and full frequency spectrum for excellent realism of sound.

In addition to exceptional sound quality, the SPzero is capable of expanding its acoustic capability with a "Daisy Chain" auxiliary port, allowing users to connect multiple SPzeros.

About Antec Mobile Products

Antec Mobile Products (AMP) is a global consumer electronics company committed to putting state of the art mobile and audio technology into the hands of every user. As a division of Antec, the world-renown market leader in PC hardware, AMP is committed to bringing Antec's winning VIP principles of Value, Innovation and Perfection to the mobile world.

Our philosophy

Technology is taking on an increasingly greater role in our lives and changing the relationship between user and device. People are not only demanding products that make their lives easier, but are also seeking devices that let them use, share and interact in new ways. By harnessing new technologies, Antec is changing the way people experience life through their mobile devices.

AMP understands that mobile products are more than just devices, they are extensions of ourselves: our tastes, habits and curiosity. AMP is committed to the concept of fashion technology by providing you with devices that are not only attractive, but reflect your own unique personality.