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ROCKI expands during Kickstarter, adding the new model ROCKI PLAY+ (HDMI & Optical) to its Wifi Multiroom Music System product line-up


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2 December 2013, New York - Only a week into its very successful Kickstarter campaign, ROCKI announces that they have added a new model to their Wifi Multiroom Music System product line-up. Having secured funding on the first day, ROCKI said in their thank you message that they would soon be revealing their plans for the extra funding they are receiving.

Today ROCKI uncovers the first of those plans in the form of a step up model called the ROCKI PLAY+. The ROCKI PLAY+ addresses the audio enthusiasts that would use ROCKI with their digital amps / receivers / sound processors using an HDMI or Optical connection instead of the analog one the standard PLAY has. The ROCKI PLAY+ still retains all the functions of the standard ROCKI PLAY, incl. the 3.5mm / RCA connectivity that works with all speakers. This gives the ROCKI PLAY+ the ability to connect to all speakers, as well as go one step further with perfect digital connection when possible.

"We are aware of the fact that the audio enthusiast only wants to use the best possible connection to their setup - we are crazy about sound quality too so we know this is a major addition to getting the best experience possible. So we have been working on the ROCKI PLAY+ as a follow-up to the ROCKI PLAY, originally scheduled as a product-line expansion after Kickstarter. In our active engagement with backers we found that there is a significant number of enthusiasts backers who have digital sound systems in their living rooms. The feedback is also that they would appreciate the HDMI or Optical connection. So we did both! And now thanks to the amazing support from our backers with pledges supporting our start-up (1200+ backers with over $100K in pledges in a week) we are proud to announce the completion of this new model PLAY+." says Dennis List, Product & Marketing Manager, ROCKI

"We designed the ROCKI system for everyone. ROCKI PLAY does that. Within an umbrella of everyone, we have the chance to create specific models for specific interests eg. the ROCKI PLAY+ for audiophiles. Diversity within a unified vision of changing the way everyone listens to music at home, with one ROCKI system for everyone." says Nick NM Yap, CEO & Founder, ROCKI.

Technical Specifications of ROCKI PLAY+:

- Wifi 802.11b/g/n (Dual mode Connect to Router Mode & AP / Hotspot Mode)
- Music Formats Supported : MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF
- Music Streaming Services Supported : Soundcloud, Last.fm. More to be announced, pending licensing request with the respective music streaming services
- ROCKI App versions : Android, iOS, HTML5 (for Windows Phone, PC & Mac)
- Supports UPnP / DLNA, compatible with existing open standards systems
- Supports ROCKI API System incl. unique functions such as multi-room sync, user rights, party mode etc for an improved & simple total Home Music experience 
- Connectors : 
--- 3.5mm Stereo (Audio)
--- Optical / TOSLink (Audio)
--- HDMI (Audio)
--- MicroUSB (Power/Charging)
- Included : 
--- 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
--- 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable
--- Optical Cable
--- HDMI Cable
--- USB Charging Cable
--- USB Charger
- Battery : 900mAH

ROCKI PLAY is available on Kickstarter for pledges of 

$49 / Single PLAY

$145 / ROCKI MY HOME, Triple PLAY, set of 3 for instant ROCKI multiroom experience

Ships to Kickstarter backers worldwide in December & January

ROCKI PLAY+ is available on Kickstarter for pledges of 

$89 / Single PLAY+

$179 / ROCKI MY HOME+, an interesting threesome, the PLAY+ with two PLAY. Perfect for enthusiasts with PLAY+ for digital sound systems in the living room and the two PLAY for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any other rooms. 
Ships to Kickstarter backers worldwide in February (the two PLAY in the ROCKI MY HOME+ can be shipped earlier in January on request)

Both ROCKI MY HOME sets come with the complete set of 6 ROCKI Colors, silicone covers that let you fit ROCKI to your style or into its environment. The six colors are "Paint It BLACK", "Hot Chili Peppers RED", "Submarine YELLOW", "Pink Punk PINK", "Deep PURPLE" and the ROCKI brand color "ROCKI GREEN".

ROCKI Kickstarter Campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocki/rocki-wifi-music-system-from-every-phone-to-all-sp.

ROCKI - From every phone, To all speakers, For everyone. Free your music!

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ROCKI has designed and developed the ROCKI Wifi Music System with the vision to revolutionize home music. By first transforming all existing speakers new or old into wifi speakers, and building the ROCKI system that plays music from every phone, to all speakers, for everyone, ROCKI changes the way everyone enjoys music. Free your music!