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Perfectly balanced sound in a stylish package - Scosche announces UK availability of award winning headphones

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The REALM RH656m headphones - reference grade for outstanding sound and comfort

Oxnard, CA, - March 26, 2013 - Scosche Industries, award-winning innovator of consumer technology, today announces the availability of the REALM RH656m in the UK, a pair of high performance headphones that combine impeccable sound with stylish aesthetics. Featuring quality components, aluminum padded ear cushions and tapLINE III control, the lightweight and stylish REALM RH656m's provide ultimate usability and sound. They are available now in black or white from for £80.00. 

Impeccable sound quality

The new REALM RH656m ‘on-ear' headphones feature 40mm drivers that reproduce brilliant highs, smooth mids and powerful, punchy base for all music genres. Perfectly equalized for high performance, the headphones also boast wound copper voice coils and neodymium magnets for extremely accurate music reproduction. Working with tuneQ, Scosche's free graphic equalizer app, users are able to adjust the low, mid and high frequencies of songs for optimal sound experience.
Comfort in design

Designed with every day comfort in mind, the REALM RH656m ear cushions rest perfectly on the outer ear and are made of memory foam that softens in reaction to body heat, letting it conform to the users shape. The cleverly designed cushions also ensure the ear canal is isolated from ambient noise, sealing the users favourite tracks around their ears. A faux leather headband allows for a superior fit, even when wearing for long periods of time.
Ultimate usability

For those wanting to take calls when using with a smartphone, the REALM RH656m headphones feature a microphone on the cable at neck level for comfortable, hands free conversations. Scosche's tapLINE III remote also makes controlling play and pause, volume and skipping tracks a breeze. Users don't have to touch their phone at all.

The Scosche REALM RH656m headphones are ‘Made for iPhone' certified and are compatible with the latest iPod, iPhone and iPad models.
With the CES 2012 iLounge Best of Show award to its name, the REALM RH656m headphones are a great choice for those looking for high-end headphones at an affordable price point. They are available now in black or white from for £80.00.

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About Scosche Industries:
Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and committed to   delivering quality, value and unmatched customer service.  Scosche Industries is the parent company of several distinct brands including: Scosche, REALM, EFX, BlueFusion and Accumat.  With over 55 patents and countless industry awards it is easy to see why Scosche is consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation.  For additional information visit our website at