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BenQ announces UK launch of the GP10 Projector - Every Room is an Audiovisual Retreat

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Bicester, UK, March 2013 - BenQ has today announced the launch of the new GP10 projector.  Light and compact at 1.5kg, the BenQ GP10 Ultra-Lite LED Projector is powered by short-throw and LED projection technologies to turn every room of the house into a place for great big family fun!

With the GP10, the Perfect Family Getaway Could Be Found in Just About Any Corner!

Don't let a busy day-to-day schedule get in the way of spending quality time with your family! Light and compact at 1.5kg, the BenQ GP10 is an Ultra-Lite LED Projector powered by short-throw projection technology to turn every room of the house into a fun audiovisual retreat instantly. All you need is a meter to get a large 40" picture.

Featuring 720p HD resolution, two built-in 3W speakers powered by SRS surround sound, a detachable DVD player, 3D-ready projection and unparallelled multimedia connectivity, the GP10 is always ready to give you a brilliant high-definition movie up close without the hassle of additional set-ups. So get ready to explore, discover and enjoy unlimited fun possibilities together!

Untethered Control with Wireless Display

Enjoy movies in your home , invite friends over to watch the big game or get into intense video game action with more freedom than ever thanks to Wireless Display functions that allow you to connect to the GP10 via NB, PC or your mobile device. EZ QPresenter software offers wireless connectivity from your PC to the GP 10, with the option to extend to a secondary display or project streaming video directly from your PC or NB. Download the easy-to-use iOS QPresenter app to an iPhone or iPad and take your presentation materials with you anywhere. Project PDF, MS Office and iWorks documents on the GP10 directly from your mobile device.

Crisp, Clear Cinematic Picture Quality and Optimal Energy Efficiency with LED Projection Technology

The GP10 utilises RGB LEDs as the light source to give you incredible, colour-rich images with 550 ANSI lumen brightness, 10000:1 contrast ratio and 100% NTSC colour gamut, making photos and movies much more enjoyable. Under the Eco Mode, the GP10 is able to perform up to 30,000 hours without decrease in brightness.

Convenient and Easy to Use with an Exclusively Designed User-Friendly Interface

To ensure a friendly user experience, the GP10 user interface is styled with navigation elements from popular multimedia devices that you are familiar with. There is no need for a user manual when everything is this intuitive.

Auto Blank for Safe Use Around Young Children

Auto Blank is an eye protection feature designed to ensure safe use around young children. It enables the GP10 to detect movements within 20 to 30 centimetres* in front of the lens and cut off the projection light automatically.

Auto Keystone to Correct All Misshaped Image Projections

With the GP10, there's no need to make image adjustments manually. The automatic keystone feature will do all the work for you, turning misshaped images, graphics and charts into a perfect square.

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