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Eagle Tech New Designer Headphone -- Urban Zen

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Las Vegas, NV -- Jan 07, 2013 / ( -- ( -- Eagle Tech, a California-based company, focuses on delivering innovative products for PC and CE users. Announced today, that they will be debuting their Designer Series headphone at CES2013, the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology, returning to Las Vegas, Tuesday, January 8-11, 2013.

"Eagle Tech" understands there are many motivations behind different artistic endeavors. The Urban Zen Series is a collective effort with artists from different backgrounds, in order to express the many different forms of art. All the people - from design to production - are part of our community, and we seek to mutually support and promote each other. We dedicate one collection per artist, blending talent with culture and style. They hope you enjoy expressing your unique visions with these headphones.

Through our collective effort, we are able to conceptualize and offer our users products that are enjoyable, expressive and more importantly, part of their lifestyle.

Urban Zen included four different design:

  • Cleansing : Return to innocence
  • Zen Sound : Peace & harmony
  • Koi : Take the road less traveled
  • Samurai Song : Strength of character