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Music Fans See Launch of Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers Touchscreen Edition

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If you use your smartphone to play music and worry about damaging your device, look no further than the Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers Touchscreen Edition. This new and exclusive gadget, which launched today, eliminates every music fan's fear of breaking their expensive media filled device - whether they are listening to their favourite songs in the bathroom, at the beach, by the swimming pool or on a campsite.

The Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers Touchscreen Edition lets you use any touchscreen device (with a screen size of up to 5") through the transparent PVC window and protects it from water, sun cream, sand, greasy fingers and more. It provides outstanding stereo sound through the integrated 40mm speakers and is packaged with a set of batteries, which give around 15 hours playback.

"Sales of smartphones and other touchscreen devices are continuing to grow significantly across the UK and, with the majority of owners taking their beloved devices wherever they go, there is an increased risk of breaking them," says Mike Wells, Head of Marketing at Gizoo. "Music fans will love the Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers Touchscreen Edition. Following the success of our original Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers, we have created a new model that will not only give smartphone owners peace of mind in keeping their device in pristine condition, but will also offer fantastic sound in any location."

The product's key features are:

  • Transparent Touchscreen Compatible PVC Window
  • Splash Proof Design
  • Stereo Sound
  • Smartphone Compatible - Up to 5" Screen Size
  • mp3/mp4/iPod® Compatible - Any Device With 3.5mm Stereo Output
  • Ideal for Bathroom/Garden/Beach/Festival/Camping/Travel.

The Gizoo Portable Stereo Speakers Touchscreen Edition is available to buy for £24.95 at or by calling 0800 376 4818. For the latest Gizoo News, follow @GizooGadgets on Twitter.

About Gizoo

In 2002, Serif, the UK's leading creative software developer, decided to set up a website dedicated to gadgets, gifts and gizmos. Re-launched as Gizoo in August 2006 with a focus on practical and eco-friendly gadgets, over 300,000 customers nationwide have now benefitted from Gizoo's unique and constantly evolving range. With a dedicated team identifying the latest trends in consumer gadgets, quirky gifts and eco-friendly technologies, Gizoo is committed to bringing innovative new products to its customers ahead of high-street retailers.