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Packard Bell picks Nero Digital for breakthrough DVD player

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DVD player compatible with today’s best-quality and most popular multimedia formats

Packard Bell picks Nero Digital for breakthrough DVD player

DVD player compatible with today’s best-quality and most popular multimedia formats

Karlsbad, Germany (November 08, 2005) -- Nero, leaders in digital media technology, and Packard Bell, the international forerunner in PCs and consumer electronics, announce the successful launch of the DVD-DivX 450 pro, a DVD player offering playback support for videos compressed with Nero Digital technology.

The Nero Digital audio and video compression system, co-developed with multimedia algorithm specialist ATEME, is a non-proprietary extension of MPEG-4. Nero’s solution adds many DVD-like features that consumers expect in a home theater experience such as multiple AAC audio tracks, surround sound, chapters, and subtitles.

“Because of its superior compression technology, Nero Digital delivers better video quality than other codecs in far less disc space,” says Nero AG Executive Director Jim Corbett. “This, along with its universal MPEG-4 compatibility, is part of what makes Nero Digital the ideal format for home video enthusiasts who want to burn their home videos and recorded shows onto disc for enjoying in a quality player like Packard Bell’s product.”

“Our company has a long history of delivering cutting edge technologies to consumers at very affordable prices,” notes Packard Bell’s Alexandre Vecchietti, Product Marketing Director EMEA, Digital Home Business Unit. “The products support the multimedia formats people will need and enjoy most, everything from Dolby Digital to Windows Media Audio to Nero Digital. We’ve made sure that users get an optimal quality entertainment experience along with maximum future compatibility to protect their investment.”

To demonstrate the power and ease Nero brings to the PC-to-home theater experience, Packard Bell’s DVD player includes a CD with 30-day trial version of three must-have Nero applications to Create, Play and Share Nero Digital format: Nero Recode, Nero ShowTime, and Nero MediaHome.

Nero Recode is the world’s fastest, most flexible application for converting non-protected movies into Nero Digital MPEG-4. Nero ShowTime plays all types of video regardless of the source. Whether digital camera, DVDs or high-definition MPEG-4 AVC content, Nero ShowTime guarantees excellent picture and sound quality. Nero MediaHome optimizes a user’s audio and video files and streams them across the home network to any compatible device, including another PC or notebook running Nero ShowTime.

Price and availability
The Packard Bell DVD-DivX 450 pro player with Nero Digital is now shipping and available through many consumer electronics retailers and online stores. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is €79.

For more information on Nero Digital, visit To learn more about Packard Bell, visit

About Nero
Nero ( develops and distributes the world’s leading digital media solutions for the consumer and professional markets. More than 200 million users worldwide rely on Nero’s award-winning applications, which represent the trusted technology standards needed to manage both today’s digital home and forward-thinking business enterprises.

Nero’s rapidly-growing portfolio of products defines new levels of innovation in the company’s three key areas of focus: Digital Media Solutions - including products for multimedia projects and photo management designed to capture, edit, author, burn CDs/DVDs, and provide enjoyment of all digital media content; Audio/Video Compression Technologies - enabling the encoding of digital content to take up less storage space and transmission bandwidth while preserving the original content quality upon playback; and VoIP Solutions - consisting of products which provide cost-effective communication over the Internet for home and business.

The company’s flagship product, Nero 7, is the world’s #1 ‘all-in-one’ integrated home entertainment software suite which delivers multiple applications for audio, video, photo, data, as well as PC and TV media management for consumers and industry partners alike.

Nero Digital is a revolutionary audio and video format based on the MPEG-4 standard, delivering the highest quality playback on certified home electronics, mobile and portable devices.

Nero SIPPS is the high-quality VoIP solution that provides clear online communication as well as contact management, instant messaging, TAPI interface, video telephony and Outlook synchronization to any private or commercial PC.

Nero products are globally distributed by leading hardware manufacturers, international distribution partners and online portals, and can be purchased directly at Nero provides worldwide coverage through Nero AG, based in Karlsbad, Germany and two subsidiaries: Nero Inc. in Glendale, California, USA and Nero K.K. in Yokohama, Japan.

About Packard Bell
Operating in Europe since 1991, Packard Bell ( is the consumer division of NEC Computers International and the number one home PC brand in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK (Source: IDC – January 2005). As consumers have become more tech savvy and discerning, and the world of personal computers and home electronics have converged, Packard Bell has continued to extend its brand and expand its range of products, which today includes leading-edge desktops, notebooks and digital entertainment solutions (MP3 players, video players/recorders, home networking and flatpanel TVs). Packard Bell’s unswerving dedication to the consumer market is embodied in its recognised ability to anticipate and meet the ever-changing users’ needs.

About Ateme
Ateme is headquartered in France ( It is a world leading providers of hardware and software solutions for video and signal processing in embedded market. Ateme delivers custom services on top of its boards and algorithms. Since 2002, Ateme centers its strategy on applicative reference designs which targets the specific markets of video-security, broadcast and consumer electronics. The result to OEM is a faster product design, a shorter time to market and total costs reduction. Ateme operates worldwide thanks to its distribution network.

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