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LAS VEGAS, 5 January, 2011 – LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, today announced pioneering new home entertainment ranges set to launch in 2011, including unique Cinema 3D™ (passive 3D) TVs, cutting edge Smart TVs and revolutionary OLED screen technology. Revealed at 2011 International CES, the unique new home entertainment range reflects the brand’s continued commitment to product development and innovative design. 

Expanding its already extensive 3D range, LG promises to bring consumers the world’s first ever LED Cinema 3D™ TVs (LW450U, LW550T and LW650T) - for the most comfortable and accessible 3D home cinema experience yet. With polarised glasses, which are the same as those used in most cinemas, the new LG LED Cinema 3D™ technology has been certified as flicker free by Intertek and TUV, ensuring viewers the very best in convenience and comfort. LG’s LED Cinema 3D™ range offers consumers screen sizes from 32” up to 55”, for the ultimate choice in 3D TV for the home.

In addition to LG’s unique Cinema 3D™ technology, the brand today revealed ongoing investment in Active 3D TV, with the announcement of further Full LED NANO 3D screens (LW770T and LW950T) and new plasma 3D TVs (PW450T, PZ250T, PZ550T, PZ570T and PZ950T) to bolster its broad 3D range. LG has promised that almost 50 per cent of its 2011 television range will be 3D ready, providing further proof of the brand’s role as Sky’s first choice for 3D TV and an industry leader.

LG brings consumers the ultimate 3D home cinema experience with a selection of new 3D audio visual products to compliment its wide range of 3D TVs for 2011, such as the HX996TS Real 3D Sound Home Cinema System.

Smart TV has also been announced as a key focus for LG in 2011, with 30 per cent of TVs next year delivering connected TV technology. LG today presented a new simple and convenient Smart TV platform, which has been internationally recognized with a CES Innovations Award, and includes a new web-browser and app store. The new platform promises to make internet TV easier than ever for sofa-surfers to navigate - especially with LG’s magic motion remote control – and the web-browser enables consumers to access limitless content via their TV.

LG makes the viewing experience more compelling still with its Smart Share function, which lets users simply and wirelessly transfer content from their PCs and other compatible devices, such as mobile phones, to enjoy it on a big screen.

LG will continue to build this new platform throughout 2011, with a number of exciting content tie-ups expected. LG’s commitment to Smart TV reflects a belief that this technology, as part of an ever-growing connected home, can truly enrich people’s lives and is set to change the way that people watch TV.

The new LG Smart TV Upgrader (ST600) offers consumers the opportunity to access the LG Smart TV platform on any TV that has an HDMI input. The compact unit also provides Wi-Fi, DLNA and web-browsing to ensure that viewers can transform their current TVs into Smart TVs.

As a recognised sector innovator, LG has built on its previous investment into new and exciting technologies in 2011, with continued development of OLED screen technology. LG first launched a revolutionary 15” OLED screen to consumers at CES 2010 and then presented the largest OLED screen for consumers – 31” – at last year’s IFA. LG’s ongoing determination to make OLED technology available to the masses signals its belief in the future of TV design and the breathtaking possibilities yet to come for home entertainment technology.   

Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing Home Entertainment, commented: “LG is the fastest growing major TV brand in 2010 and has been for the past three years, having almost doubled in size since 2008. This growth is testament to LG’s role as an industry leader and sector innovator and its continued development of cutting edge technologies to ensure that the very best products are available for consumers.”

“2011 also promises to be another exciting year for LG, with an incredibly broad range of products incorporating new screen and content technologies – the way we watch TV is changing and LG is committed to helping consumers take advantage of these spectacular developments.”

For more information, visit LG’s digital CES 2011 press room at www.lge.com/UK/cespressroom - available from 5 January at 09:00 am PST.