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Vuzix Expands Eyewear Product Line to Include Customized Accessories

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Las Vegas, NV – January 7th – Vuzix Corporation (TSX-V: VZX), the leader in video eyewear for the mainstream consumer, defense and low vision markets, is pleased to be unveiling a new line of eyewear accessories for its Wrap series of video eywear at this year’s 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show.  Accessories include the Wrap VGA Adapter, Wrap 6 Degrees-of-Freedom Tracker, Wrap Power Sled, Wrap CV Recharge Pack, Wrap Style Lens options and a Deluxe Carry Case.  These new products transform the Wrap line into the first-ever pair of upgradeable video eyewear.  These innovative upgrades offer consumers the ability to purchase a product that can adapt to a user’s specific needs.

“We don’t want our users to be bound by today’s design and capabilities, so we’ve created accessories to make it adaptable and upgradeable,” said Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers.  “The Wrap and its accessories are dynamic solutions that are designed functionality and style for today and the future.”

The new accessories line to be shown at CES includes:

  • Wrap VGA Adapter – The Wrap VGA Adapter connects any model of Wrap video eyewear to a desktop or laptop computer’s VGA port. With the Wrap VGA Adapter, a single pair of eyewear can meet all your in-home and mobile video viewing needs
  • Wrap Power Sled – The Wrap Power Sled provides power, protection and convenience for your iPod Touch or iPhone. Clean up the clutter of cables by docking your iPod touch or iPhone in the Wrap Sled, eliminating the need for a separate battery/control box. A convenient application moves the Wrap controls onto your iPod Touch/iPhone screen and a USB connection enables sync and charge. It supports the component video signals for the progressive scan performance available on many models of iPod Touch and iPhone allowing for  optimal video quality. Works with all Wrap Video Eyewear models.
  •  Wrap 6 DoF Tracker – The Wrap 6 Degree-of-Freedom Tracker with compass provides the ultimate in dead reckoning tracking in a miniature 30 x 10 x 15 millimeter package.  Utilizing multiple magneto-resistive sensors, accelerometers and gyros for high accuracy, the 6DoF tells their computer or mobile phone exactly where they are looking or moving to for immersive and interactive applications ranging from virtual and augmented reality to game playing. ]
  • Wrap Stereo (3D) Cameras – The Wrap Stereo Camera allows users to add on twin cameras to their Wrap video eyewear. Now users can see and record their real world in 3D. Connecting to computers and other devices via USB, users can see and view a combination of real world and computer generated data. And of course they can even use the cameras to record their life in 3D with their computing device as the recorder.
  • Wrap CV Recharge Pack – Save the environment and cost of replacement batteries with the lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. Recharge the power pack through a USB connection to a computer or the included AC adapter. Supports composite and component video connections for those wanting the optimal in video quality. Works with all Wrap Video Eyewear models.
  •  Wrap Style Lens – Wrap video eyewear set the standard for fashion in wearable displays and the Wrap Style Lens ups the ante. With three colors and a mirror finish to choose from, these snap-in replacement lens’ allow users to select their coolest look. Works with all Wrap Video Eyewear models, except Wrap 920 AR.
  • Deluxe Carry Case – This semi-rigid deluxe carry case is the perfect fit for any model of Wrap video eyewear. Your Wrap snuggles comfortably into the base section and the upper section’s cargo net embraces cabling, peripherals and even a mobile phone or small media player. The deluxe case takes up minimal space traveling and provides optimum protection for your eyewear.
Please visit LVCC booth number 8756 in Central Hall for the opportunity to get an up-close look at Vuzix’ accessory line.   Additionally, we are also happy to set up interviews where available for an in-depth review of this technology.  

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