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DIGIFIRE 7.1: The digital revolution for your PC!

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DIGIFIRE 7.1: The digital revolution for your PC!

Surrey, October 7th 2002 - Hercules is thrilled to
announce the launch of its new DIGIFIRE 7.1 sound card. DIGIFIRE 7.1 completes
Hercules’ revolutionary 7.1 channel PCI sound card range with an all-in-one
digital upgrade solution, providing both high speed FireWire® connections and
powerful audio performance in games and DVDs.

Like the recently launched Gamesurround Fortissimo III
7.1, DIGIFIRE 7.1 employs Hercules’ groundbreaking audio technology: this new
sound card has been designed to be fully compatible with 2 to 8-speaker kits,
and to transfer data at the highest speed with the latest digital FireWire®
devices on the market.

With its customizable 8 speaker configuration, DIGIFIRE
7.1 allows users to finally enjoy the very finest environmental audio
reproduction available! For the first time, a 7.1 speaker configuration – the
true pinnacle of digital 3D cinema audio, previously available only in movie
theatres or with hi-fi devices – is now accessible to everyone at home on their
PC. Users can experience a captivating 360° true-to-life audio environment in
games, DVDs and even with digital music!

DIGIFIRE 7.1’s 3 full speed FireWire ports allow
technology addicts such as gamers to take advantage of FireWire PC to PC
multi-player gaming. Video fans will also appreciate the FireWire connectors,
which can be used to connect a DV camcorder and create professional-quality
videos with the new bundled Cyberlink PowerDirector PRO 2.5 ME software.

As usual, DIGIFIRE 7.1 has been designed to be
completely user-friendly: a separate headphone output (no need to disconnect the
front speakers in order to plug in your favorite headset), Hercules’
custom-designed all-in-one control panel, 10-band equalizer, and an optimized
Mini-Disc mode are just a few of the impressive features it offers.

DIGIFIRE 7.1 will be available from October 2002 at a
recommended street price of £69.99

The ultimate digital music solution!

Electronic musicians can create, edit, deliver and
reproduce high quality sound using DIGIFIRE 7.1’s 20-bit, high fidelity outputs.
2 external and one internal FireWire connectors allow for simple connection of
the very latest FireWire hard drives and DVD-ROM drives, making it quick and
easy to manage digital audio files. The digital optical output connector is also
ideal for downloading any audio source onto digital audio devices. Additionally,
the included Acid Xpress™ software allows users to have fun creating their own
personalized music on their PC with its easy-to-use interface.

Featuring Yamaha’s S-YXG50 wavetable SoftSynthesizer,
DIGIFIRE 7.1 guarantees perfect reproduction of the sound of acoustic
instruments, and is compatible with both the General MIDI and Yamaha XG

Hercules® MediaStation II, a new software tool bundled
with the card, makes it simple to play digital audio (MP3, WMA) and video files,
as well as view images, turning PCs into multimedia jukeboxes for maximum fun
and enjoyment.

Extreme gaming performance:

Featuring the extremely powerful Crystal™ CS4624 DSP,
DIGIFIRE 7.1 provides an incredibly smooth gaming experience: the sound card
calculates 3D audio effects in hardware, thus freeing up the computer’s CPU for
other processing tasks. Experience FireWire PC to PC multiplayer gaming:
high-speed performance and a mind-blowing, totally immersive feeling are
guaranteed in games, with crisp 3D sound on up to 7.1 channel surround sound
speaker systems.

A truly unrivalled DVD experience:

DIGIFIRE 7.1, bundled with PowerDVD™ PRO EX, the popular
DVD playback software application, ensures perfect compatibility with both
today’s and tomorrow’s DVD technology, supporting the universal Dolby Digital™
5.1, Dolby Digital™ EX™ 6.1 and 7.1 industry standards. Superior DVD audio
playback is ensured, thanks to the digital processor’s powerful, crystal-clear

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About Hercules Technologies

Founded in 1982 in the U.S., Hercules developed the
industry’s first high-resolution graphics board for personal computers. From its
roots in establishing the monochrome graphics standard, Hercules proceeded to
pioneer advances in color graphics solutions. In November 1999, Hercules was
purchased by the Guillemot Corporation group, which develops and manufactures
high-quality PC and console peripherals. Hercules now offers a complete range of
graphics, image and video products, mostly for the gaming community. Hercules’
audio product line, dedicated to gamers and music enthusiasts worldwide,
integrates more than 17 years of expertise from Guillemot. Thanks to its
extensive experience and 2 advanced in-house technology development centers
(Europe and North America), Hercules Technologies guarantees end users superior
quality products compatible with all of the latest market standards, as well as
all existing hardware and software. In addition, the company’s manuals and
software ensure easy installation and represent the ultimate in