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TrekStor launches the TrekStor vibez Flash at IFA 2008

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Lorsch/Berlin, 26.08.2008 – TrekStor, the leading manufacturer of high quality MP3 players, external hard drives and USB sticks, is launching its TrekStor vibez Flash MP3 player at this year’s IFA in Berlin (TrekStor Entertainment Hall; Hall 10.1). The company is also unveiling the i.Beat organix 2.0 and i.Beat nova.

The TrekStor vibez Flash adds flash memory technology to the award winning TrekStor vibez, to make this MP3 player even more robust.  The player comes with a music library, and integrated DJ mode that can automatically suggest songs based on previous listening habits. Its cross-fading function allows users to smoothly switch from one track to the next. The MP3 player comes with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of storage capacity. In addition, the new TrekStor vibez Flash is DRM9 and DRM10 compatible, enabling users to play music purchased over the Internet.

Adding high tech development to the range
TrekStor has made further developments to the original i.Beat organix MP3 payer, and is now launching the i.Beat organix 2.0.  Based on the same quality and design as the original, the i.Beat organix 2.0 now offers up to 55 hours of uninterrupted music bliss and comes with the popular SRS® WOW technology for superior tone quality as well as two earphone jacks. One of the earphone sockets can also be used as a line-in input for recording from other audio devices. The player is also DRM9 and DRM10 compatible. It is available in black, white, silver and green, and comes with 4 or 8 GB of memory.

The i.Beat nova MP3 player comes in a convenient USB stick format, and has an extremely sharp OLED display.  The player comes with a music library, a line-in jack, voice recording function and integrated rechargeable battery. It is also DRM9 and DRM10 compatible, and comes in 2, 4 or 8 GB of memory.

All MP3 players will be on display at the IFA show and will be available to buy from the end of September, 2008. Prices vary depending on capacity, with the i.Beat organix 2.0 ranging from €39.00 and €69.00, the TrekStor vibez Flash from €79.00 to €129.00 and the i.Beat nova between €29.00 and €49.00.