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Swedish audio brand Defunc releases TRUE GO

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The unique MultiTip™-design ensures a better sound, secure and comfortable fit with a premium microphone

London, October 10 2019, Stockholm based, independent audio design expert Defunc, is today pleased to announce the availability of its TRUE GO innovative True Wireless earbuds. The earbuds featuring MultiTip silicone tips with a bud heel for secure fit and touch control are available for just £49.99 from and selective retailers across Europe.

During the last few years, true wireless earbuds have become increasingly homogeneous. Monotonous models with flat plastic earbud heads and stem are the status quo. Defunc, which focuses on functional design, wants to go beyond the norm to present people with a much improved alternative, not yet another me too.

Following a consumer research survey of 200 people conducted by Defunc a number of different 3D-printed earbud tips were tested, four clear requests for an improved true wireless experience were discovered. A better, more secure fit. Better sound. Improved comfort and more colour options. After an incredibly thorough design and function development process, Defunc has listened to its customer feedback resulting in the launch of the TRUE GO innovative wireless earpod.

The TRUE GO MultiTip ergonomic design with curved silicon tips and cone shape enables sound to travel further into the ear canal, offering more sound isolation and a more secure fit thanks to the silicon coating giving a firmer fit via soft friction.

Unlike other earpods on the market, Defunc developed the TRUE GO with a discreet earbud heel, to act as a smaller version of sport earbud wings allowing them to lock into the upper ear fold which, together with the IPX4 water resistance rating (splashing/sweat), makes them the perfect sports companion as well as for everyday use.

The TRUE GO features touch control on the head part, allowing users to activate key phone and computer functions with a simple tap, allowing track selection, making phone calls or powering the device on and off. The microphone, based in the hanging area of the TRUE GO was manufactured and developed using the latest materials to ensure the earpods pick up the voice effectively to allow for a fully hands-free experience without the need to disconnect. Additionally, thanks to the versatility of the earpods, they can be used both together and separately, even while one is charging.

To allow for longer use, the charging case accompanying the TRUE GO gives a total of 14 hours active playtime and is able to charge from 0 -100% in only two hours via USB-C. The TRUE GO is also equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to give stronger, more stable connection and increased battery life.

Available in black, white, red, blue and green, Defunc have developed the TRUE GO to not only sound and feel great but to look great too.

Johan Wahlbäck, Defunc’s founder, commented “We’ve listened, asked, analysed and experimented to create something innovative based on real insights. Constantly honing tech within both products and pricing to simplify peoples’ audio choices in today’s earphone jungle is what drives us.”

The Defunc TRUE GO true wireless earpod are available for £49/ €49/49 USD from the Defunc website

About Defunc 

Swedish brand Defunc’s goal is to simplify people’s choices in today’s audio jungle, focusing on earbuds. The name is a portmanteau of words “design” and “function”, as clear Scandinavian functional designs distinguish Defunc’s earphones and speakers with models such as MUSIC, TALK, HYBRID, SPORT, MUTE, DUO and TRUE. Also, products are divided into three price categories PLUS, GO and BASIC for further clarity. The Stockholm-based independent company was founded in 2015 and is still headed by entrepreneur Johan Wahlbäck, who previously founded renowned bicycle brand Kronan Cykel and another earphone brand. Defunc has rapidly made a name for itself globally through a number of pioneering products and is today present in about 30 markets and 12,000 stores, with Europe, Asia and North America as main markets. Defunc can be found in both high-end boutiques and lifestyle shops as well as in technology specialist outlets and on-the-go retailers, since Defunc always strives to make good sound for a good price possible for all ears around the world.

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