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Toshiba TV unveils 2020 range of connected TVs

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6th September 2019 – Toshiba TV is set to transform the TV viewing and smart home experience with the launch of innovative Alexa built-in, works with Google Assistant and Android TV™ models at this year’s IFA trade show.

Following the launch of the L5 and L7 series earlier in the year, Toshiba TV continues to offer an irresistible combination of leading-edge technologies and exceptional added value with three new smart TV series, which each offer a unique platform solution to ensure the best connected-home entertainment experience.

The 2020 range of Toshiba TVs will continue to offer an exceptional viewing experience, made possible by TRU Picture Engine, a picture quality chipset which brings on-screen action to life with exceptional image quality. Made up of three powerful image processing technologies, TRU Micro Dimming, TRU Flow and TRU Resolution, TRU bridges the gap between imagination and reality, offering a true-to-life viewing experience for Full HD and HD Ready content as well as 4K video.

The 2020 Toshiba TV now also works with the Google Assistant. Control the TV with any Google Assistant-enabled device: turn it on or off, change the channel, adjust the volume, or switch inputs just by asking. With the Google Assistant, customers can get help with planning their day, checking their commute, and controlling other devices for a truly connected smart home.

Building on the success of the 2019 Alexa enabled range, the 2020 Toshiba Connect TV, with Alexa offers the possibility of seamless, hands-free voice control with a specially designed far field microphone built into the bezel. With this innovative integration of Alexa, customers can turn their Toshiba TV on and off, change channels and inputs, adjust the volume, open apps and much more. Toshiba TVs with Alexa also add a greater visual dimension to the Alexa experience. For example, viewers can ask Alexa to search for their favourite tracks on Amazon Music, ask for the latest news updates, as well as setting reminders. They can even ask Alexa to control compatible smart devices – everything from smart light bulbs to smart air conditioners can be controlled.

As one of the first TV brands that run on Android Pie (version 9), the new Toshiba Android TV™  provides an intuitive and customisable user interface, alongside simple connectivity to apps and single step log-ins through connecting with your Android smartphone. With Chromecast built-in, customers can easily cast movies, shows, and photos from thousands of apps on Android or iOS devices to the TV.  Toshiba Android TV™ offers access to thousands of movies, shows, and games from Google Play, YouTube and other favourite apps. With the Google Assistant built into Android TV, customers can quickly access their favourite entertainment, get answers from Google on screen, manage tasks, and control smart home devices like turning up the heat, locking the doors and dimming the lights.

Immersing yourself in on-screen action is an important part of ensuring an enjoyable TV viewing experience and sound plays an important role. Toshiba’s partnership with Dolby Audio extends into 2020 with an enhanced sound offering through Dolby Atmos. The object-based surround sound experience enables you to feel as through you’re in the scene, moving sound around you to create a full audio atmosphere with astonishing clarity, richness, detail and depth.

Besides its cutting-edge technology, environmental awareness and sustainability are the key elements of Toshiba vision. In order to use resources more efficiently, Toshiba continues its efforts aimed at reducing energy consumption, elimination of hazardous chemicals, and usage of recyclable materials in both production processes and products. Toshiba keeps bringing new solutions with eco-friendly technologies and contribute for a better future.

European Sales and Marketing Director, Bart Kuijten, comments, “With our 2020 series we’re continuing our commitment to make innovative TV technology accessible to all, by offering connected home integrations with Amazon and Google. By collaborating with these smart ecosystems we’re offering the choice to connect your home in the way that best suits your lifestyle, whilst ensuring an exceptional viewing experience through enhanced visual and audio technologies.” 

*2020 Toshiba TVs will also have Alexa enabled functionality

Toshiba TRU Picture Engine

TRU Micro Dimming improves contrast, focusing on all the different regions of the image, TRU Flow analyses the image and frames to minimise judder effect and keep up with fast-paced action scenes, whilst TRU Resolution upscales a wide variety of non-4K content, delivering a more refined image that feels fully immersive.                               

Toshiba/Vestel Partnership

Building on decades of technical know-how, Toshiba remains at the cutting-edge of essential design and must-have innovation. 

Tried, tested and affectionately prized by millions of people around the globe, this much-loved brand is still delivering the high-quality and user-friendly TVs for which it has become so well-known.

Strengthened by their pan-European licensing agreement, Vestel and Toshiba have reinforced their manufacturing power and further extended their renowned engineering capabilities - all to bring viewers more value and more of the latest TV technologies.

Collaborating on new designs and innovation, both companies are working together to move the brand forward, combining their expertise and resource to ensure the creation of a dynamic and aspirational TV product range.

Whilst Toshiba’s Japanese-led design team is still integral to the design of each TV, the vast manufacturing expertise and production capacity of Vestel is reinvigorating the brand proposition, driving the scale and volume required to deliver the genuine value for which Toshiba has always been known.