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RevoNext RX8S earphones now available

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The RevoNext RX8S in-ear headphones feature a dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers in each that combine to produce amazing sound quality ideal for casual, serious and professional listening of all genres. With a patented, professional shell design and an ergonomic fit that sits naturally in the ear canal, they stay securely and comfortably in the ear allowing for long use.

The noise isolating design and silicone ear buds mean users can fully immerse into the music with minimal distractions from the outside world. Due to the transparent housing, the exact quality can be seen from the outside of the earphones. The shell adopts the imported polymer polycarbonate of German Bayer, and the surface adopts the high-gloss and high-smooth UV-curable varnish hardening treatment. Not only does the unique design provide an elegant style but the earphones also deliver clear and detailed treble, rich mid and deep bass.

Using a 3.5mm, 0.78mm 2-pin detachable cable, they are suitable for most smartphones and can be converted to Bluetooth using RevoNext’s Bluetooth cable adapter (B02).