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Indulge in Professional Sound with Edifier’s New S3000 Pro Speakers

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January 8th 2019 - Edifier is cutting the cords on luxurious sound making it easier to create the ultimate audio setup with the introduction of the S3000 Pro Active 2.0 Wireless Monitor Speakers at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. The S3000 Pro are the first of their kind. Certified HiRes, the speakers connect through Bluetooth allowing for them to be positioned anywhere within range without worrying about connecting cables. 

The latest in its series of monitor speakers, Edifier has crafted the S3000 Pro with the finest components. The S3000 Pro speakers’ 6.5-inch aluminum diaphragm bass unit and 107mm planar silk tweeters deliver 256 watts total RMS. More than enough power to fill any theatre room or entertainment space with authentic, rich sound the S3000Pro are an upgrade any audiophile or entry-level listener will appreciate.

The S3000 Pro speakers feature multiple connections including USB, optical, coaxial, auxiliary and balanced inputs. Bluetooth V5.0 with Qualcomm®aptXTM HD decoding capability also allows users to pair multiple audio devices with the speakers. Other nuances of the S3000 Pro include an XMOS xCore200 interface that supports USB audio bitrate up to 192KHz, high-efficiency Class D digital power amplification, and XLR Balanced input and RCA line-in jack.

At CES 2019, Edifier showcases its depth and breadth in audio for the masses. Edifier was the first audio brand from mainland China to break into the International market some 20 years ago. And, the company continues to challenge stereotypes and surprise professionals and audio enthusiasts from around the world through its consistent commitment to R&D, use of modern technologies, strategic partnerships and growth plans that has allowed the brand to become a mainstay amongst the best audio brands today. The Edifier audio experience is one that begins with one basic requirement – a sensory experience that encapsulates emotion in a very real sense of the word. 

S3000 Pro Specs

Power Output: R/L(treble): 8W+8W RMS

R/L(mid-range and bass): 120W+120W RMS

Signal to Noise Ratio: 85dBA

Frequency Response: 38Hz –40Hz

Input Sensitivity: Line in: 600±50mV; Balance: 1000±50mV 

    OPT/COAX: 400±50mFFS

    Bluetooth: 450±50mFF

    USB: 400±50mFFS

The S3000 Pro will retail for £599.99. Available from: Amazon and https://www.edifier.com/gb/en

To view the entire Edifier speaker lineup, visit: https://www.edifier.com/int/en

About Edifier

Edifier specializes in the design and manufacture of premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design excellence. Founded in 1996 in Vancouver, Canada and headquartered in Beijing, China, Edifier delivers outstanding sound experience through a wide range of audio systems for personal entertainment and professional use. Renowned for its award-winning design philosophy, expertise and innovation in acoustic technology, and superior manufacturing standards, Edifier is one of today’s leading innovators of audio electronics.   

More information about Edifier is available online at: https://www.edifier.com/int/en