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Studio 19 introduces the Solo E500T and 500X-EQ

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With a touch control or graphic equaliser option, the Solo speakers cater for both the design conscious and audio traditionalists

View product spec sheets HERE or watch the video HERE

LONDON, April, 2018: British audio design specialists, Studio19, is today pleased to announce the launch of the Solo E500T and E500X-EQ speakers. The Solo E500 T and 500X-EQ are precision-engineered speaker systems that are ready to connect with music, movies and gaming for a premium audio experience. Built using patented Dual Pressure Air Compression (DPAC) super-bass technology and Enhanced 360° Optimized Sound, the Solo speakers produce a fully immersive auditory experience with an exceptionally detailed and nuanced sound quality throughout the entire room.

Beautifully designed in an anodised aluminium housing available in space grey or gold, the Solo speakers use state-of-the-art speaker drivers with a maximum output of up to 200 watts, loud enough to handle virtually any occasion with no compromise in quality. The Solo speakers are among the world’s first “enhanced degree” patented 3D-effect portable Hi-Fi speakers. Unlike conventional 360° sound, the Solo range’s Enhanced 360° Optimised Sound flows not only left to right but top to bottom. This creates an omni-directional spread with wide, directional waves that circulate throughout a room, giving the authentic impression of a multi-speaker environment from a single speaker.

Cutting edge digital processing power means that the Solo speakers heighten the essential characteristics of the audio you listen too, resulting in a rich, dynamic sound that truly brings your music to life.

The Solo E500X- EQ has a built-in professional EQ Graphic Equalizer, a digital sound enhancement not normally found in portable speakers, allowing users to fine tune their music even further using the knobs as shown on the image above to more bass, mid-range or treble to get exactly the sound you want.

The Solo E500T (shown below) features a touch control to change volume and listening mode. It is also possible to change bass, mid-range and treble by downloading one of the free apps on the App Store or Google Play.

Connectivity and play on both speakers is a breeze. Choose between Bluetooth, Auxiliary or HDMI modes and connect an audio source with ease. Incredibly portable and easy to use anywhere, both Solo speakers are powered by an 8,800mAh built-in battery for a premium audio experience for up to 8 hours, indoors or outdoors. When either runs out of power, simply recharge it with a powerbank or connect to the main power (via a type-C cable) for faster charging.

The Studio 19 Solo E500X-EQ  and the Solo E500T touch control speakers are both available for £399.99 / $570.58 from


  • BT Connectivity options for versatile play with TWS
  • HDMI – Connect to your TV for an enhanced sound bar experience
  • Active 3-band Graphic EQ to tailor your sound (E500X-EQ only)
  • Enhanced 360° Optimised Sound for omnidirectional audio
  • Advanced DSP for full dynamic range
  • Dual Pressure Air Compression Technology for a super bass experience
  • Movie/Music/Gaming modes to optimise for your sound source
  • Available in Space Grey & Gold


  • Working voltage: 7.4V 
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V 3A 
  • Max Output: 200W 
  • Driver Unit: bass 3Ω, middle 4Ω*2, treble 4Ω*2 
  • Driver Size: bass 5 inch, middle 2.5 inch, treble 1.5 inch 
  • Frenquency:20Hz~18kHz
  • S/N: ≥100dB
  • Distortion: ≤0.5% 
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2 with TWS
  • Bluetooth distance: 10M
  • Battery Capacity: 8800 mAh
  • Size: 143mm x 143mm x 602mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg

About Studio19

Studio19 is an expert audio design agency based in North London. Established in 2015, Studio19 aim to bring a new dimension and redefine portable Hi-Fi speakers using its patented DPAC Technology to give mind-blowing bass without the need for bulky external subwoofers. Studio19 are at the pinnacle of speaker design, looking to give the end user the best possible listening experience at an affordable price.

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