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KWorld IPTV offers full-functionality with less cost!!

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Taipei, Taiwan, December 31, 2007 – KWorld Computer Co., Ltd., one of the pioneers in the Research and Development of many multimedia entertainment devices, has formally renamed KWorld IPTV LiveQ Analog and IPTV LiveQ Hybrid into KWorld IPTV Analog UB110 and IPTV Hybrid UB310. This act is meant to better inform consumers as to what kind of product is displayed on shelves in the market!

As any wise prospective buyer, after a detailed survey of the current IPTV market, you might be quite taken back by the highly capable yet highly priced IPTV solutions. KWorld understands that many potential IPTV users are budget conscious. In comparison, KWorld IPTV series offers an unlimited “Multimedia Sharing Center”, a life-time Golden VIP membership to the full functions of in CyberLink Live, and the great podcasting tools such as PowerProducer 4 and PowerDirector 5, which also included professional sound effect editing tools from SmartSound.

In conclusion, whether you are in the mood for “Home” TV (Analog or both), music therapy from your music library at home, or a selection of family albums and videos, as long as your KWorld IPTV server PC is powered-on at home, you may enjoy all these by logging onto the worldwide web, and signing into CyberLink Live anytime, anywhere!

KWorld is not only dedicated to enriching digital multimedia life, but also simplifying it!!