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Made for moving, new portable speakers by XQISIT


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7 September 2017 – Simple design is good design and XQISIT takes this sound advice to heart with every product. The XQ S30 and S300 are no exceptions.

The S30 is a small, sleek speaker that is light, lean and mean. Its compact size means it’s the perfect accessory for any beach party, picnic or barbeque as it can easily and conveniently be tucked into your bag or backpack. The S30 provides up to 15 hours of uninterrupted play time for all of your favourite tunes thanks to its efficient Li-ion battery, and can quickly be recharged via USB.

The S300 is the S30’s big brother, measuring boombastic dimensions and yet surprisingly portable for its size. The S300 provides up to six hours of uninterrupted play time and if you run out of juice, it can easily be recharged via USB with up to 5000 mAh of battery capacity.

With a whopping combination of HD stereo and 6W subwoofer, your ears will be treated to immersive, crisp and clear audio fidelity with S30 and S300, just the way it’s meant to be. The premium sound quality and reliability of the speakers is matched with superb functionality, including cutting edge Bluetooth 4.0 enabling quick and easy pairing and a built-in microphone for hands-free conversations. The speakers also double up as power banks for charging other devices. 

S30 and S300 are available to purchase at, £69.99 and £99.99, respectively.


Exclusive to STRAX.

One of the leading smartphone brands in European operators. Quality that meets exacting German & Swiss standards, unique designs, very competitive pricing, new high impact packaging.

In today’s world, the word 'mobile' isn’t only a noun, it’s an adjective, an attitude, a way of life. As such, we here at XQISIT create mobile accessories that are not just meant to protect, simplify or visually improve your device of choice. We create accessories that enrich your life-on-the-go. The kind of quality products whose design is streamlined with functionality in mind, quickly becoming reliable life companions that also happen to be easy on the eye. And we are determined to see that with each one we can make your mobile experience, and your life for that matter, all the more enjoyable. One good product for every kind of person. One good product at a time.

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