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All-new Roberts Revival Design Collaboration

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Sometimes a collaboration project comes along that really is a match made in design heaven.  So when British brands, Roberts and Scion, first floated the idea of working together it didn’t take long to put the creative wheels in motion.

The brands have joined creative forces and are delighted to introduce stunning Limited Editions of the much-loved and iconic retro inspired Revival. Roberts have taken two of Scion’s signature designs Mr Fox and Spike the Hedgehog to add some striking fun to the UK’s best-selling portable radio.  

Scion is a cheery brand with uplifting Scandi-inspired designs that complement modern living. Teamed with the Revival this juxtaposition of retro and contemporary design is a delightful treat for both the ears and they eyes.

Of course, not only does it look good, but it sounds good too.  The all-new Revival RD70 features FM/DAB/DAB+ to give a full offering of digital radio stations.  Plus, a new feature is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity so music can be streamed from devices to make this not just a radio but a portable speaker too.  It works on AA batteries as well as the mains, so can also go on your outdoor adventures, the fox and the hedgehog may like that!

Revival Scion Limited Editions are Exclusive to John Lewis, available from September, and cost £220

About Roberts:

In 2017 Roberts Radio Ltd. celebrates 85 years of business.  The company was founded by good friends Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead, who began making portable radios from a small shop in London in 1932.  Initially producing just three a week, they had a simple philosophy:  never compromise on quality and keep pushing the boundaries.

Roberts is now a subsidiary of the privately owned Glen Dimplex Group, and although much has changed in the world of audio technology since then, the company has followed these values ever since and has remained the UK market leader in portable radios.  From the iconic fifties-styled Revival retro radio through to cutting edge wireless speakers with multi room capabilities, and whether it is for radio or music enjoyment, the Roberts range of products has something to suit everyone.

With multiple industry endorsements and two Royal Warrants granted in recognition of supply of radio equipment to the Royal Households, Roberts radios are built to stand the test of time and are truly loved by listeners the world over.