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KitSound introduces Hive2 +

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We’ve upgraded our popular Hive 2 with Google and Siri integration to give you Hive 2+, a wireless smart speaker that you can direct with your voice.

Make listening to music as easy as speaking, thanks to Google and Siri integration. Simply double tap the button to speak to Siri and ask her to control your music and your device, or ask Google Now a question. It’s as simple as that.

40 mm active drivers and an immense digital amplifier combined with a passive bass radiator creates 12 Watts of engineered sound that delivers warm rich bass notes alongside a controlled midrange and a delicate treble. Surround yourself with quality sound that you’d never believe comes from such a small speaker.

We’ve all knocked something that we’ve loved, and been devastated when it’s broken – but the Hive 2+ has a sturdy design that can happily live through a bump or two. You’ll want to enjoy your Hive 2+ for hours and hours, which is why we crafted 12 hours of continuous play time on just one single charge.

Smart devices with wireless connectivity can easily connect to the Hive 2+ or even through one touch NFC pairing, and the majority of mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, and computers can access its wonderful sound through the line-in connection. Receive a call that usually interrupts your tunes? Don’t worry: the Hive 2+ has call handling built-in, so you can talk hands free and then return to your music.

As the technological revolution continues, expectations are steadily increasing – something we at KitSound like to embrace. We believe that just because you’re listening to your music on a small speaker, it shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on sound.

KitSound products are available in most high street and online retailers.

For further product information and details on where to buy, please visit