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QOTW: What did you buy on Black Friday?

by Parm Mann on 28 November 2014, 16:30

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This used to be the time of the year when us Brits looked across the pond in wonder and disbelief as consumers in the US queued and often battled for post-Thanksgiving bargains.

Yep, it's Black Friday, and the shopping phenomenon has now hit fever pitch in numerous countries, including the UK. A long list of retailers have joined in on the action, shoppers have been tempted, and as expected, fights and scuffles have broken out as consumers look to secure a bargain purchase ahead of the typically expensive Christmas period.

According to Visa, Black Friday sales will be up 22 per cent on last year, with the firm suggesting that £1m would be spent on its card every three minutes.

But are the deals really too good to ignore? To find out, we're putting the question to you: what did you buy on Black Friday? Share your purchases and experiences using the comments below.

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Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Don't believe the hype.
Some Christmas presents for various people in my family - I spotted some appropriate items on Amazon's lightning deals and just logged on at the relevant times. for a minute or two. Also picked up a couple of books for myself but nothing major. Elsewhere, a couple of things that might have tempted me (an SSD and a laptop) were out of stock in less than 5s (!) or when the discount arrived it was still over twice the price I could buy the same item for in the US (discounted to £1000, or the same model is available for $799 Stateside - at that point I'll refuse to buy it in the UK on principle).
nothing why ? why bring another bad idea from the states …why spend what you don't have on crap there trying to get rid of ??
if you din't need it yesterday why buy it today ??
My dignity! by keeping out of the weak offerings this year.
I also believe this tripe is simply sent here by big corporations to dupe Brits into spending on high priced junk with an early January sales frenzy - it is an American festival of stupidity, let it remain so. Today I bought nothing but Christmas cards at normal retail.