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QOTW: do you take the time to exercise?

by Parm Mann on 26 May 2008, 12:58

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Are you keeping fit?

This week's question turns to health, a topic at the forefront of many of today's discussions. With the threat of disease as prominent as ever, we're all now more aware of what we eat, what we do, and what we need to do to in order to keep our bodies ticking for years to come.

A key aspect to personal health is of course, exercise. The often dreaded activity that requires time, dedication, motivation and some bloody hard work too. Exercise is key to maintaining fitness, and is known to greatly reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases. Yet, despite its numerous physical and mental benefits, many still find exercise to be an unachievable chore.

Experts recommend that adults achieve a minimum of 30 minutes moderate-intensity physical activity, five days a week. But what is moderate-intensity physical activity? Well, it's a pretty broad statement that on a basic level translates to physical activity that'll leave you feeling slightly out of breath.

Though most might picture exercise as a task which involves sweating profusely at a gym, that's anything but the case. Exercise can take much simpler forms, with tasks such as walking, swimming or doing some DIY often ample to achieve that out-of-breath feeling.

We all know the benefits, and we all know we ought to be doing it, but the question is, how many of us are? So, dear readers, are you taking the time to exercise? Let us know in our community poll and share your thoughts in our forums.

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My exercise per day includes a return trip to college which is 25 minutes of power walking (8.5kph) each way with about 5kg of laptop/batteries/notes in my backpack :)

Wonder if that is considered proper exercise though.
I don't dedicate any regular time to exercise, but i'm fairly active anyway. I walk a lot, I have a job which is physically demanding at times, and I go hill walking from time to time.

Would like to have more time to do rock climbing, skiing and snow boarding, but you can't do everything.
I go to the gym when I can, but finding time is the most difficult thing.

I do walk through london every day though and Bowl once a week.

If i “dedicated” time to exercise, I wouldn't do it!
the community poll links borked on the main page,

im getting a gut back due to none physicals job now, keep saying were going to go swimming, been saying that for about a year now :(

infact i look about 6 months pregnant, not good considering im male :|
Normally its football for me twice a week (1h30min) + the occasional trip to the gym when I can find time.

However during exam time that all goes through the roof. :(