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QOTW: Do you have a smart energy meter?

by Parm Mann on 30 March 2018, 16:31

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When you think about new gadgets for the home, a smart meter probably isn't the first item that springs to mind. It is hardly as cool as a smart speaker, but the benefits of a smart meter aren't to be sniffed at.

Automatic meter readings mean no more clearing the snow to get access to the gas meter, accurate usage measurements should bring an end to estimated bills, and with an in-house display showing the energy being used and how much it costs, it'll be easier to tell the wife to let her hair dry naturally.

Almost 10 million smart meters are said to have been installed in UK homes, and everyone will be offered a smart meter for free by 2020, but the rollout hasn't been as smooth as anticipated.

First-generation meters, dubbed SMETS 1 (Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications), often communicated directly to the supplier via 3G and became 'dumb' meters if the user chose to switch to another provider. New-and-improved SMETS 2 meters are now becoming available and communicate to a central network for compatibility with all suppliers.

Requesting a smart meter is relatively straightforward, however they aren't mandatory and bad press combined with privacy concerns has resulted in plenty of people opting out, despite pressure from their supplier.

It's an interesting topic that most residents are going to have to address at some point, so let's hear your thoughts. We want to know: do you have a smart energy meter? And if so, how's it working out for you? Share your thoughts and experiences using the comments facility below.

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No not me, do I need one?
Nope but I have switched to a 100% renewable electricity plan with Bulb!

In case anyone is interested, I have a referral link which gives us both £50 each in credit.

(shameless :P)
Not yet, but my mum has. Apparently, they don't yet work across providers until some kind of update coming soon ™. She's not really using the smart stuff yet and I think it's only leccy.
No, I don't have a smart energy meter, and unless legislation changes to make it mandatory, that is how it will stay.
I have the version 1 smart meter, called eyes and a brain to monitor usage, don't waat one, don't trust it or the energy companies !