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CTS - 2006 :: Gamexpert Portable Theatre

by Steven Williamson on 16 May 2006, 15:25

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Affordable, stylish solution

We dropped by the Pinpoint Consumer Electronic's booth at the Computer Trade Show 2006 to see if they had any new and exciting products to unleash on the public. Pinpoint are the distributors for a wide range of Gamexpert and Nyko products for the gaming market so we were delighted to discover that the Gamexpert Portable Theatre was debuting at the show.

At CeBIT 2006 back in March we saw plenty of flashy looking PSP theatre's, all of which had something slightly different to offer. Many of the ones we saw were retailing at up £100, but the Gamexpert Portable Theatre is an affordable option and far more compact than many of the bulkier theatres on the market, measuring 20 x 13 x 9cm.

The PSP fits neatly into the slot on the front of the theatre and enables the user to listen to games, music and movies with a hi-fi quality sound. Behind the PSP is a glow effect which creates a blue aura that forms a luminous halo above your PSP.

Soundwise there is a front stereo speaker and super bass woofer. Although the speakers won't wake up the next door neighbours, the sound was audible and crisp, even through a stampede of noisy event go-ers. The PSP Portable Theatre has 2 headphone sockets, an MP3/CD input and a small remote control for those too lazy to move from their armchairs.

The Portable Theatre requres 4 x AA batteries, which are included in the price, and will charge your PSP once placed on the stand.

It's a neat, stylish, affordable home theatre for your PSP that will retail at £39.99.

To view all of Pinpoint's products visit:Pinpoint Consumer Electronics

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