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Three-screen video-on-demand is almost upon us

by Scott Bicheno on 16 April 2010, 16:17

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Three-screen fun

We were then introduced to content services director Mark Springett for the highlight of the tour: three-screen VOD.

The sequence of images below show how easy it is on ODG's white-label Gemini platform. We started watching Sacha Baron Cohan as Bruno, which Springett clearly thought was our kind of thing.

We started watching it on the TV and then paused it. The browser-based interface was not only able to see that we had started watching Bruno, but was even able to start playing it on the PC at the point at which we'd paused it.

Note once the video starts playing on the PC there are a number of sharing icons along the bottom, including one that allows you to share with a mobile. Clicking on that generates a text massage to the designated mobile with a hyperlink to the content. Once more, this allows you to resume from where you left off.

Springett confirmed that we can expect to see this integrated service on offer by Q3 of this year. It seems like an appealing proposition but, as ever the success of VOD and mobile video depends on whether end-users will be willing to pay for it.







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With a nice free little App called Myplayer I have full access to Iplayer, Hulu, catch up TV etc on my HTC touch pro 2. Surely this is nothing massively new?