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China and Taiwan grow closer

by Scott Bicheno on 4 November 2008, 13:46

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Warming up

Until recently there were no direct flights between China and Taiwan but the BBC website has reported that direct flight between the two countries are set to triple in number and cargo shipments will be allowed for the first time since 1949.

Many of the world's leading technology hardware companies are based in Taiwan but much of the manufacturing takes place in China. Until recently people wanting to travel between the two countries had to go via a third country or where compelled to go Via Hong Kong or Macau. This development should further facilitate trade between the two countries.

Here's a list of the latest developments as listed in the BBC story:

  • Direct charter flights will increase from 36 to 108, and can operate daily rather than four days out of seven
  • Routes will be shortened and private business jet flights will be allowed
  • Direct cargo shipments will be allowed between 11 Taiwan sea ports and 63 in China, tax free
  • Sixty direct cargo flights will be allowed per month
  • Direct postal links will be expanded to improve delivery time, currently up to 10 days
  • Food safety alerts between the countries will be set up.


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