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Kickstarter heading to the UK this autumn

by Alistair Lowe on 10 July 2012, 10:41

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You may have noticed that HEXUS, amongst others, has been publishing quite a few articles about the crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter, as of late. The site has become quite famous as a hub for innovation, with many interesting and unique projects across the board, including our speciality of technology and games.

Up until now, however, those from the UK that have perhaps wished to place their projects on the website have been turned-down at the door. The reason for this is largely relating to Amazon Payments and its lack of availability at this end of the pond. The payment service is the only one, currently, with the capability of simultaneously cancelling or charging payment commitments in the event that a project either does or doesn't meet its goal, the key enabling factor for the crowd-sourcing model.

Kickstarter heading to the UK

For the past year now, Amazon payments has been present in the UK market and so, we're now seeing some movement from Kickstarter, in the form of a tweet, confirming that the website will be open to UK residents sometime this autumn.

We expect to see lots of interesting and perhaps shiny new innovations come the site's UK launch. Perhaps some of our own readers have projects that they would wish to submit?

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Awesome, I want to see more of things like this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printrbot/printrbot-your-first-3d-printer . The UK should have plenty of mad inventors hacking away in their sheds for this to work here.
"… , in the form of a twit, …" I think you'll find that the singular word used for a post on twitter is tweet.


The UK is famous for it's ingenuity so perhaps the availability of crowd sourced funding will spark off a new era of innovation in this country.
Looking forward to this. Hoping this will make some of the robots and 3d printers more affordable in the UK!
Pretty sure people in the UK have already been putting up kickstarter projects, although payment had to be made in dollars.

Wasn't a problem for me in the UK to contribute to the Carmgeddon project which is run in the UK.
Good to know Kickstarter is working on expanding beyond the US. Hopefully more countries will follow after the UK is introduced.

Wasn't a problem for me in the UK to contribute to the Carmgeddon project which is run in the UK.

Backing a project from anywhere in the world is not a problem. To create a project though you have to have someone in the US. This is typically not a problem for an established company (and some indie teams with members all over) but for individuals and small teams it's a serious hurdle.