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Intel unveils vPro 2010

by Scott Bicheno on 5 February 2010, 10:03

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel might be struggling to make an impact in the mobile Internet device category, with Apple famously choosing to develop its own chip rather than stick with Intel for the iPad, but there's not sign of it weakening in the enterprise sector.

The chip giant's platform for enterprise computing - vPro - received its 2010 make-over yesterday, incorporating the latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors (Nehalem, 32 nm, the dales). In short, this means faster CPUs with enhanced security and remote management features.

With most businesses having gone into wait-and-see mode as the global recession developed last year, enterprise spend on IT was way down. There's a fair bit of hope that they will their wallets will open-up again this year. "Businesses, particularly those that haven't purchased PCs for several years, face a computing environment that no longer handles the applications many workers and IT are adopting," said Rick Echevarria, VP and GM of Intel's business client platform division.

"The integration of intelligent performance along with smart security and cost-saving manageability features in the Intel Core vPro processor family provide IT and SMBs a no-compromise platform. We also are excited about how Intel vPro Technology gives IT the flexibility to look at client virtualization, consumerization and rich cloud applications."

The 2010 vPro family includes some new comopnents: the Q57 Express chipset, the 82577LM network connection for notebook and 82578DM network connection for desktops. There's also new Intel anti-theft technology version 2.0, a new KVM remote control that enables administrators to see end-user's displays, and new encryption technology.


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