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Boston shows off GPU supercomputer

by Scott Bicheno on 24 June 2009, 10:48

Tags: AMD (NYSE:AMD), SuperMicro (NASDAQ:SMCI), Boston

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Super effort

Server maker and distributor Boston has showcased its Venom F1000-4 HPC solution at ISC 2009 (International Supercomputing Conference), which uses four AMD FireStream 9250 cards - AMD's second generation stream computing GPU (pictured) - to generate up to 4 teraFLOPs of computational power.

The Venom F1000-4 combines these cards with one of Super Micro's SS6016XT series servers to offer up what Boston is saying is incredible performance per watt in a 1U form factor. It is being positioned as a pioneer in the field of GPU-driven supercomputing.

"Our 6016XT SuperServers feature four full-height, full-length PCI-Express x16 slots and one low-profile slot to support up to five PCI-Express 2.0 add-on cards," said Dev Tyagi, GM of Supermicro UK. "With highly reliable thermal optimization monitoring and control, and industry-leading power efficiency, Supermicro has developed the world's most optimized GPU-based server platforms for the HPC community."

"It is ideal for the most demanding compute-intensive and data-parallel tasks," said Manoj Nayee, MD of Boston. "The F1000 is an ideal and highly power efficient solution suitable for various industry segments including financial analytics, seismic analysis, life sciences and computer aided engineering."


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Just wanna say, a new graphics card doesnt seem new if it doesnt have a new cooler. =/
Just wanna say, a new graphics card doesnt seem new if it doesnt have a new cooler. =/
Hehe the old saying dont judge a book by its cover comes to mind but sex sells.