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Demand for mobile data services set to dramatically increase this year

by Scott Bicheno on 16 February 2009, 16:36

Tags: Tellabs

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Growth market

A survey conducted to coincide with the start of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona has revealed Western European and US consumers expect to be using mobile data services a lot more, in spite of the global recession. It was conducted by The Nielsen Company for communications services company Tellabs.

Over 50,000 consumers in Western Europe and the US were asked about their intended mobile data usage in the next two years. Those already using mobile data expected their usage to increase by over 50 percent, on average, while over a quarter of consumers who don't currently use mobile data expected to start. The latter trend is stronger in the US.

"Mobile data services are not a luxury, but a necessity that consumers plan to purchase despite economic conditions," said Pat Dolan, EMEA VP of Tellabs. "By planning urgent and strategic network upgrades, operators can quickly and cost-efficiently address users' issues and meet increasing demands on networks."

"Mobile data services are not a luxury, but a necessity"

The growth in mobile broadband creates a number of opportunities for the channel as mobile data services are increasingly sold bundled with hardware. This not only creates immediate commercial opportunities but further grows the PC install base.

Here's a table showing which services new adopters expect to be using:

Top Five Services



Mobile Internet






Uploading photos



Software/app download







Do you use mobile data services? If so which ones? If not do you plan to start? Let us know in the


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