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Record oil prices lead to hike in British Airways surcharges

by Parm Mann on 13 November 2007, 09:38

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Longhaul flights of fewer than nine hours will see a surcharge rise of £10, taking the previous charge of £38 now up to £48 per flight or £96 return. Longer routes will see an increase of £15 bringing the charge up to £58 per flight and £116 return. Shorthaul flights too will see an increase of £2, totalling now at £10 per flight and £20 return.

"The cost of oil has reached record levels, rising by more than $20 per barrel since we last increased our fuel surcharge in June 2007," said BA's commercial director Robert Boyle.

British Airways predict its fuel bill to exceed £2bn for the first time and states the decision to increase fuel surcharges for the third time this year ""reflects new record oil prices and takes into account rising fuel costs".

Originally introduced in May 2004, the fuel surcharge began at £2.50 per sector surcharge on longhaul and shorthaul. It has since risen steadily with only one surcharge decrease occurring in January 2007.

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Anyone know if this will effect flights that are already booked & paid for?
Depends - I've seen it happen on budget airlines but not with BA…