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Qimonda gets €325 million bailout

by Scott Bicheno on 22 December 2008, 12:24

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Lifeline uncovered

In common with most of the rest of the world, DRAM maker Qimonda has been having a spot of money trouble recently. This led to a delay in the release of its latest financial results as it looked for strategic and financial investors.

Now Qimonda has announced that the search is over. The German state of Saxony, is lending it €150 million, and a €100 million loan from a "leading financial institution in Portugal". Qimonda has R&D and manufacturing sites in Dresden, Germany and Porto, Portugal. It has also secured a further €75 million loan from its parent company, Infineon.

To what extent these loans can be defined as investment is open to debate, but Qimonda says they will allow it to quickly ramp up its new 46nm Buried Wordline DRAM technology. In case Buried Wordline doesn't immediately evoke a flood of images, here's a video Qimonda made to explain what it is. Enjoy.

"The financing arrangements are based on the significant potentials offered by our highly innovative Buried Wordline Technology," said Kin Wah Loh, CEO and president of Qimonda AG. "They allow Qimonda to complete its repositioning, ramp up this exciting technology and re-establish its competitive position in the memory industry."

The delayed financial results are now expected to be announced by mid-January.


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