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HEXUS.beanz :: AMD Eastern Europe sales VP to leave the company...

by Ian Tegrity on 6 November 2008, 14:57


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Just bread and water, no Peanut Butter?

Sauces from Kabul have indicated that Pierre Brunswick, one of AMD's most senior EMEA executives, is apparently set to leave the company.

Brunswick's current job title is Sales and Marketing V.P. for Russia-CIS region, REE & Turkey at AMD and, as such, is one of the most senior AMD people in EMEA.

Only this morning AMD revealed it was cutting a further 500 jobs as part of its drive to finally reach profitability, so the timing of this news implies Brunswick has been let go as a cost-cutting measure.

We asked AMD for clarification on this matter and were told: "We do not comment on rumour or speculation." It appears that, in this instance, AMD is reluctant to reveal any region specific information on these smatters.

Brunswick has been with AMD since 2002 and has been a major driver in the building of its Eastern European business.

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yummmm Kabul Sauce :secret: it's source