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AMD appoints former HP exec to head up EMEA...again

by Scott Bicheno on 30 October 2008, 09:48


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Deja vu

A week ago AMD announced it was promoting EMEA head Emilio Ghilardi to chief sales officer and it has now unveiled his replacement: Alberto Bozzo.

There is a strong feeling of déjà vu here as Ghilardi was only appointed in June of this year, having previously been VP of HP's EMEA consumer business. Bozzo joins AMD having previously been, you guessed it, VP of HP's EMEA consumer business.

HP must be getting pretty cheesed off with all this; they're going to have to put the tea lady in charge of their EMEA consumer business at this rate.

Other people likely to be cheesed off with the decision are incumbent AMD European execs such as Giuseppe Amato and Jochen Polster, who must have thought they were in with a fighting chance of getting the job.

When we reported on Ghilardi's promotion a week ago we speculated: "We wonder what the odds are of another HP lifer suddenly materialising in the role, who was close to Ghilardi when he was at HP." We wish we'd put down some money now.


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