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Intel Kaby Lake desktop roadmap points to CES 2017 launch

by Mark Tyson on 20 June 2016, 13:15

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Chinese tech site Benchlife has published a new roadmap which it says shows the timings for the Intel Kaby Lake processor family rollout (news via VR-Zone). This production process style roadmap indicates the timings and durations of various internal stages such as QS (quality sampling), Prod (mass production), and RTS (ready to ship).

As embedded above, the purported roadmap appears to show that 4+2 core Kaby Lake S processors will start sampling in week 35, hit mass production in week 42 and then be ready to ship right at the end of 2016, from week 50. These 4+2 processors are Core i5 and i7 parts with four physical CPU cores and a pair of GPUs.

You can see that the 2+2 Kaby Lake processors for desktops will come later, not entering ready to ship status until mid-Feb 2017. These dual-CPU core products will include Intel Core i3 chips.

This newly unearthed roadmap doesn't provide any info about mobile Kaby Lake processors for laptops, convertibles, and so on. The mobile chips are likely to arrive earlier than the desktop SKUs, with devices featuring such processors expected to feature in product showcases at IFA 2016.

Kaby Lake will be Intel's third processor family built upon the 14nm process as the final step in its new 'process-architecture-optimization' regime. It should be processor socket LGSA1151 compatible but add optimisations and features beyond those that arrived in Skylake and deemed worthy of a new CPU family.

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So annoyed that both sides have delayed their launches. Want my next build to be around whichever ends up being best. Don't want to go with Intel now in case AMD really does manage to pull something out of nowhere.
My CPU is now 5 yrs old, I want to upgrade however nothing really seems that good yet. Really waiting to see how the next Intel and AMD CPU's are.
If AMD make it for the end of the year and have good price performance at a high level of performance then I will be going Zen if kaby lake is delayed.
Any idea if Kaby lake is going to be focussing on mobile or desktop chips?