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Core i5/i7 not the only Intel CPU launches today

by Scott Bicheno on 8 September 2009, 17:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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All the attention is on Intel's new ‘Lynnfield' CPUs today - already comprehensively reviewed on - but seemingly lost in the hubbub are quite a few other new CPUs too.

Chief among them are Intel's new range of server CPUs: the Xeon 3400 series. Intel is positioning these as entry-level server and workstation parts for SMEs and the education sector. Here's how they shape up:

Processor Clock Speed (GHz) Turbo Speed (GHz) Cores / Threads Cache 1K Unit Price HT TDP
Intel Xeon X3470 2.93 3.6 4/8 8 MB $589 Yes 95W
Intel Xeon X3460 2.80 3.46 4/8 8 MB $316 Yes 95W
Intel Xeon X3450 2.66 3.2 4/8 8 MB $241 Yes 95W
Intel Xeon X3440 2.53 2.93 4/8 8 MB $215 Yes 95W
Intel Xeon X3430 2.40 2.8 4/4 8 MB $189 No 95W
Intel Xeon L3426 1.86 3.2 4/8 8 MB $284 Yes 45W

On top of those, we noticed a few new additions to Intel's price list. They include a new Core 2 Quad and its low-power variant, and a couple of new additions to the CULV family - including a dual core model.

Here's a table summarising the other newbies:

Processor Clock Speed (GHz) Cores / Threads Cache 1K Unit Price Process TDP
Core 2 Quad Q9505 2.83 4/4 6 MB $213 45nm 95W
Core 2 Quad Q9505S 2.83 4/4 6 MB $277 45nm 65W
ULV Celeron M SU2300 1.20 2/2 1 MB $134 45nm 10W
ULV Celeron M 743 1.30 1/1 1 MB $107 45nm 10W

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culv dual core celeron could be an interesting one for notebooks. Intergrated 4330/GT130 or something and it would be a fantastic ultra portable