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AMD thinks its latest CPU launch surprised Intel

by Scott Bicheno on 20 May 2009, 07:00


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The EC fine

Moving on to business in general at AMD, we asked Buxton how things are going in these challenging times. "We had a good Q1 and, while Q2 is the toughest season of the year, I don't see it being massively different from previous Q2s," he said.

Buxton reiterated a familiar claim from AMD these days: the importance of the channel. "I do see the channel itself reacting quickly - the enthusiast channel is still pretty strong," he said. "We're trying to provide a stable environment and add value to our channel programmes. It's down to us to keep being the channel's friend."

We couldn't let Buxton go without asking him his thoughts on the recent fine handed out to Intel, which originated from AMD complaints. "This is about consumers and they're the people who have won in this by getting greater choice, innovation and value," said Buxton, with commendable restraint.

"All AMD ever wanted was a level playing field," he concluded. "The Intel salespeople will have to bear in mind that coercion is no longer possible and they can't do illegal things."

We're sure they will.


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Nope.. don't think it did really..

955 wasn't all that suprising..

But I have to say the 720 BE is probably the most significant shock to intel as it instantaneously renders all their Core 2 Duo chips obsolete..

Andrew Buxton needs to look at some benchmarks. The X4 955 competes well against Core 2 and hopefully will compete as well against Core i5. The entry of the Phenom II range has introduced competiton at the mainstream quad level and has been a great benefit to consumers.

To claim it is competitive against Core i7 sets unrealistic expectations which do not do AMD any favours.
Realistically Intel still beats AMD with the i7 v X4 955 but unfortunately for Intel once you factor in the £150 minimum price of a motherboard to go with this chip then it doesn't stack up so well, add in the uncertainty on Intels socket types (at the moment) and the AMD might look a better, cheaper and far safer option …
Crysis review on http://www.***********.net/reviews.php?/gpu_displays/xfx_gtx295_pcie_graphics_card/4
CPU: Intel Nehalem i7 920 Skt1366 2.66GHz (@3.835 Ghz)
Motherboard: DFI X58 UT T3eH8
Memory: 3x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz @ 8-8-8-24
HD : Hitachi Deskstar 7k160 7200rpm 80GB
Graphics Drivers: GeForce 181.22
PSU: Gigabyte ODIN 1200w

Crysis Benchmark I ran using my rig, this is using a 24" TFT at 1920x1080 / AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition @ 3.6ghz stock volts. ;)

Using AA loses 2fps, I've redone the test @ 3.8ghz with AA on for 58fps. ;)

54.4 FPS