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Intel launches new nettop board

by Scott Bicheno on 23 April 2009, 10:29

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Size matters

Intel reckons two key growth areas for the otherwise flat desktop market are nettops and small form factor (SFF) desktops. So it has picked its annual premier partner summit to unveil a couple of new motherboards for these markets.

The nettop one is the D945GSEJT, more catchily codenamed Johnstown. It's expected to cost under $90 and be built into nettops starting at a price of $250. It comes with an Atom CPU built in has no fan and has a lower profile than its predecessors.

Here are a couple of shots of it and an example of a chassis.





The SSF one is the DG41MJ, otherwise known as Mystic Lake. This is a mini-ITX board designed to accommodate Core processors up to 65W TDP.


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Still with the terrible 945 chipset…..
Made worse? Only 1 sound output………..

Just think how killer that could of been with HDMI and the thingie Intel Graphics.

Zotac are trail blaizing it would seam, but if someone can do a version of their boards for the right price ~£130 inc DC PSU. These things could sell like hot cakes as Media PCs.
Made worse? Only 1 sound output………..
oh yeah, missed that bit. No SP/DIF? waste of time then.
Still with the terrible 945 chipset…..

Seriously!.. That damn thing needs to die already.
The giveaway is the GSE in the title. This means its (yeah the same 945 crap) the lower power consumption 945GSE derivative as used in the Asus EeeBox. Helluva lot better than the 945GC (22W) as my whole EeeBox uses 17W with HDD and CPU and Ram when in use.

For me, this will do as a good NAS or low power PC. Its basically what the 945GCLF should have been in the first place.

What we should NOW be on is the Z530 Atom pluis US15W chipset for a SUPER low power PC which can play HD media. But Intel won't and even the Ion from Nvidia is too power hungry in comparison.